A better internet is possible. I’ve seen it. isabela November 04, 2019

I know that a better internet is possible. In fact, it once existed. I started using the internet in the mid-90s, with a dial up connection in my family’s house in Brazil. I loved getting online because I could go down an infinite rabbit hole of hyperlinks, learning and discovering new things, and I could talk to all kinds of people without having to reveal my real name or my real identity. Who I was in the physical world didn’t matter when I got online.

Take Back the Internet with Us Sarah October 28, 2019

As more and more people become aware of the ways the internet has been co-opted into a money-making tool fueled by their personal data—our day-to-day behaviors, our personalities, our relationships, our vulnerabilities, our fears—more people are turning to Tor for solutions. In turn, the Tor team is working hard to ensure everyone can easily access our tools. This means scaling the network to accommodate increased usage, improving speed and usability, and training people who are in most need.

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