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Tor on the Nokia N900 (Maemo) GSM telephone

We're always working on expanding the number of different devices and platforms where Tor runs. Today we've published an installation document that should help users of the Nokia N900 telephone to use the Tor network.

Tor is configured as a client by default. The Tor status applet will also run privoxy and configure the system wide preferences appropriately while Tor is enabled. Transparent proxying is not possible with the default N900 kernels at this time.

Please note that this is an experimental configuration. The web browser on the N900 does not have the protections that Torbutton provides.

For basic circumvention needs this configuration should be usable out of the box. At the moment, we're not seriously investigating Torbutton support for the N900 mobile web browser. If there is significant user demand for a mobile Torbutton this may change. read more »

New Linux packaging of Tor and Vidalia now available

As announced here,, we now produce rpms and debs of Tor and Vidalia for easier installation.

When using ubuntu, opensuse, fedora, centos/redhat, or debian, you can simply add our repositories to your package management application (yum, apt, apttitude, zypper, etc) and always have the latest -stable or -alpha tor and vidalia.

This is a direct result of hiring Erinn in December.

January 2010 Progress Report

New releases, new hires, new funding
On January 19, 2010 we released the latest in the -stable series, Tor
Tor fixes a critical privacy problem in bridge directory authorities -- it would tell you its whole history of bridge descriptors if you make the right directory request. This stable update also rotates two of the seven v3 directory authority keys and locations. read more »

December 2009 Progress Report

New releases, new hires, new funding
Erinn Clark joins Tor to develop, enhance, and upgrade our package build system. Her initial goals are to configure, maintain, and automate builds of tor and vidalia for Windows, OS X, ubuntu, debian, centos, fedora, and opensuse systems. Secondary goals are to develop a builtbot system that includes as many disparate operating systems as possible, including Apple OS X and Microsoft
Windows flavors. read more »

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