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New Release: BridgeDB 0.9.3

by phw | February 11, 2020

When ISPs or governments block access to the Tor network, our users rely on bridges to connect. With BridgeDB, we tackle the problem of how to get bridges to censored users while making it difficult for censors to get all bridges. A lot has changed since our last blog post, which introduced BridgeDB version 0.7.1.

Run Tor Bridges to Defend the Open Internet

by phw | August 28, 2019

Thanks to bridges, Tor users are still able to connect to the network when the public Tor relays are blocked. It's not enough to have many bridges: eventually, all of them could find themselves in block lists. We therefore need a constant trickle of new bridges that aren't blocked anywhere yet. This is where we need your help.