Tails 0.11 is out!

This new 0.11 release is an important milestone in Tails history.

Download it now.


Notable user-visible changes include:

  • Tails Greeter, the login screen which obsoletes the language selection boot menu. Tails Greeter also adds some new options:
    • Activating persistence (see below).
    • Setting a sudo password. Unlike earlier Tails releases, full sudo access via an empty password is not available any more. In fact, full sudo access is disabled per default, but can be enabled by setting this password. See the documentation for details.
  • Tails USB installer. This graphical user interface mostly obsoletes our old instructions of cat'ing the .iso directly onto a block device. All of the USB drive must be dedicated to Tails; a bit of extra space is reserved so that future Tails releases will fit when upgrading, and the rest can be used for persistence (see below) or manually formatted if the user so wishes. See the USB installation documentation for details.
  • Persistence can optionally be used when running Tails from a USB drive. Application configurations and arbitrary directories can be made persistent. See the persistence documentation for details.
  • iceweasel
    • Install iceweasel 10.0.4esr-1 (Extended Support Release).
    • Search plugins: replace Debian-provided DuckDuckGo search plugin with the "HTML SSL" one; add; remove Scroogle.
    • Enable TLS false start.
  • Vidalia: upgrade to 0.2.17-1+tails1
  • Internationalization
    • Install all available iceweasel l10n packages.
    • Add fonts for Hebrew, Thai, Khmer, Lao and Korean languages.
    • Add bidi support.
    • Don't purge locales anymore.
    • Don't remove any Scribus translations anymore.
  • Hardware support
    • Linux 3.2.15-1 (linux-image-3.2.0-2-amd64).
    • Fix low sound level on MacBook5,2.
    • Disable laptop-mode-tools automatic modules. This modules set often needs some amount of hardware-specific tweaking to work properly. This makes them rather not well suited for a Live system.
  • Software
    • Install GNOME keyring.
    • Install the Traverso multitrack audio recorder and editor.
  • Miscellaneous
    • NetworkManager is now started at PostLogin time by tails-greeter, rather than as a system service.
    • Pidgin: don't use the OFTC hidden service anymore. It proved to be quite unreliable, being sometimes down for days.
    • Do not display storage volumes on Desktop. This workarounds a usability issue when persistence is enabled, and paves the way towards GNOME3's empty Desktop.
    • Don't build hybrid ISO images anymore. They boot less reliably on a variety of hardware, and are made less useful by us shipping a USB installer from now on.

Plus the usual bunch of minor bug reports and improvements.

See the online Changelog for technical details.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

GSoC 2012 Projects

We're pleased to announce that the Tor Project and Tails are hosting students this year as part of Google Summer of Code. Out of the 26 applications to us we were able to take on six fantastic students:

Projects officially begin on May 21st. We're thrilled to have them with us, and have our fingers crossed that they'll stay afterward to become core developers.
Many thanks to Google for having the program again this year! -Damian

New Tor Browser Bundles (security release)

The Tor Browser Bundles have been updated with a very important security fix. As explained in the previous blog post, a user discovered a severe security bug in Firefox related to websockets bypassing the SOCKS proxy DNS configuration. This is now fixed and we strongly encourage all users to update. There are a few other bugfixes in this release, including really fixing (for real this time!) the problem with the Mac OS X bundles crashing.

Tor Browser Bundle (2.2.35-11)

  • Security release to stop TorBrowser from bypassing SOCKS proxy DNS configuration
  • New Firefox patches:
    • Prevent WebSocket DNS leak (closes: #5741)
    • Fix a race condition that could be used to link browsing sessions together when using new identity from Tor Browser (closes: #5715)
  • Remove extraneous BetterPrivacy settings from prefs.js (closes: #5722)
  • Fix the mozconfig options for OS X so that it really builds everything with clang instead of llvm-gcc (closes: #5740)

Firefox security bug (proxy-bypass) in current TBBs

A user has discovered a severe security bug in Firefox related to websockets bypassing the SOCKS proxy DNS configuration. This means when connecting to a websocket service, your Firefox will query your local DNS resolver, rather than only communicating through its proxy (Tor) as it is configured to do. This bug is present in current Tor Browser Bundles (2.2.35-9 on Windows; 2.2.35-10 on MacOS and Linux).

To fix this dns leak/security hole, follow these steps:

  1. Type “about:config” (without the quotes) into the Firefox URL bar. Press Enter.
  2. Type “websocket” (again, without the quotes) into the search bar that appears below "about:config".
  3. Double-click on “network.websocket.enabled”. That line should now show “false” in the ‘Value’ column.

See Tor bug 5741 for more details. We are currently working on new bundles with a better fix.

New Tor Browser Bundles for Mac OS X

We recently switched our build machine to Lion (OS X 10.7) which had some unintended effects on the Firefox/TorBrowser build. After consulting with Mozilla developers, Sebastian Hahn was able to nail down the problem and provide a fix. The Mac OS X Tor Browser Bundles have been updated so they should stop crashing for everyone now. Thanks for your patience!

Tor Browser Bundle (2.2.35-10)

  • Make TorBrowser stop crashing on random websites by building with clang instead of llvm-gcc. (closes: #5697)

Introducing the Tor translation glossary

The Tor translation glossary is a glossary used primarily when translating software and documentation for the Tor Project. This glossary contains technical, general, gui and Tor specific terms, as well as names. This glossary can also be used for a more consistent use of technical terms in the source language (English).

Translators can access this glossary from inside Transifex when working on a resource. To view the glossary for a specific language, do the following:

  • Go to our project page on Transifex
  • Choose the language
  • Choose the resource
  • In the box that pops up, click Translate Now

There is a link to the translation glossary right above the source strings and translations, along with a search box and a set of shortcuts. Please help translate the glossary to ensure that translations in your language are consistent across different resources.

Thanks to Shondoit Walker who initially started the work on the Tor translation glossary on

Arm Release 1.4.5


Hi all. A new release of arm is now available which includes numerous fixes of mounting importance. In particular this corrects several issues around arm's connection panel, terminal glitches due to disruption of the curses module by readline, and incompatibility with tor's new development releases.

This release does not include any new features, nor are any planned in the near future. Most of my attention is going to stem right now, and my next foray into arm will be to work with Ravi to migrate it to the new library this summer. That said, if you encounter any problems then let me know! -Damian

New Tor Browser Bundles

The Tor Browser Bundles have all been updated to the latest Firefox 12.0 as well as a number of other software updates, bugfixes, and new features. We've rebranded Firefox so it should now be more easy to distinguish between it and your normal Firefox. We've also added Korean and Vietnamese to the available languages.

UPDATE: The Mac OS X 64-bit bundles had a minor Vidalia problem that prevented TorBrowser from being launched. They have been updated to 2.2.35-9.1 and are now available on the website.

Tor Browser Bundle (2.2.35-9)

  • Update Firefox to 12.0
  • Update OpenSSL to 1.0.1b
  • Update Libevent to 2.0.18-stable
  • Update Qt to 4.8.1
  • Update Libpng to 1.5.10
  • Update HTTPS Everywhere to 2.0.2
  • Update NoScript to 2.3.9
  • Rebrand Firefox to TorBrowser (closes: #2176)
  • New Firefox patches
  • Make the 32-bit Tor Browser Bundle compatible with OS X 10.5
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