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Tails 0.10 is out

The Amnesic Incognito Live System (Tails), version 0.10, is out.


Notable user-visible changes include:

  • Tor: upgrade to
  • Iceweasel
    • Install Iceweasel 9.0 from the Debian Mozilla team's APT repository.
    • Update Torbutton to
    • Support viewing any YouTube video that is available in HTML5 format.
    • Use Scroogle (any languages) instead of Scroogle (English only) when booted in English. Many users choose English because their own language is not supported yet; let's not hide them search results in their own language.
    • Install the NoScript Firefox extension; configure it the same way as the TBB does.
    • Disable third-party cookies. They can be used to track users, which is bad. Besides, this is what TBB has been doing for years.
  • Do not transparently proxy outgoing Internet connections through Tor. Instead drop all non-Torified Internet traffic. Hence applications has to be explicitly configured to use Tor in order to reach the Internet from now on.
  • Software
    • Upgrade Vidalia to 0.2.15-1+tails1. This version will not warn about new Tor versions (this is handled by Tails security check instead).
    • Upgrade MAT to 0.2.2-1~bpo60+1.
    • Upgrade VirtualBox guest software to 4.1.6-dfsg-2~bpo60+1, built against the ABI of X.Org backports.
    • Upgrade I2P to 0.8.11; the start script (which was broken in Tails 0.9) is now fixed.
    • Install unar (The Unarchiver) instead of the non-free unrar.
    • Install Nautilus Wipe instead of custom Nautilus scripts.
  • Hardware support
    • Upgrade Linux kernel to 3.1.6-1.
    • Upgrade to X.Org from squeeze-backports.
    • Install more, and more recent b43 firmwares.
    • Upgrade barry to 0.15-1.2~bpo60+1.
  • Internationalization
    • Add basic language support for Russian, Farsi and Vietnamese.
    • Install some Indic fonts.
    • Install some Russian fonts.
    • Add Alt+Shift shortcut to switch keyboard layout.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Support booting in "Windows XP-like camouflage mode".
    • Do not fetch APT translation files. Running apt-get update is heavy enough.
    • Add MSN support thanks to msn-pecan.
    • Add custom SSH client configuration:
      • Prefer strong ciphers and MACs.
      • Enable maximum compression level.
      • Explicitly disable X11 forwarding.
      • Connect as root by default, to prevent fingerprinting when username was not specified.
    • Replace flawed FireGPG with a home-made GnuPG encryption applet; install a feature-stripped FireGPG that redirects users to the documentation, and don't run Seahorse applet anymore.
    • Blank screen when lid is closed, rather than shutting down the system. The shutdown "feature" has caused data losses for too many people, it seems. There are many other ways a Tails system can be shut down in a hurry these days.
    • Fix bug in the Pidgin nick generation that resulted in the nick "XXX_NICK_XXX" once out of twenty.
    • Pre-configure the #tor IRC discussion channel in Pidgin.
    • Reintroduce the htpdate notification, telling users when it's safe to use Tor Hidden Services.
    • Various htpdate improvements.

Plus the usual bunch of minor bug reports and improvements.

See the online Changelog for technical details.

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See the Getting started page.

Known issue

The memory erasure on Tails shutdown cannot guarantee that all memory in the 2 GB to 4 GB region is wiped. The improvements made in Tails 0.10 should at least make the situation better than previously.

Tails 0.9 Released

The latest version of the anonymous operating system Tails is now available.

Notable user-visible changes include:

## Tor
- Upgrade to This fixes CVE-2011-2768 and CVE-2011-2769 which prompted for manual updates for users of Tails 0.8.1.
- Suppress Tor's warning about applications doing their own DNS lookups. Some users have reported concerns about these warnings, but it should be noted that they are completely harmless inside Tails as its system DNS resolver is Torified.

- Linux 3.0.0-6, which fixed a great number of bugs and security issues.

## Iceweasel
- Upgrade to 3.5.16-11 ((fixes CVE-2011-3647, CVE-2011-3648, CVE-2011-3650).
- Torbutton: upgrade to, including support for the in-browser "New identity" feature.
- FireGPG: upgrade to 0.8-1+tails2. Users are notified that the FireGPG Text Editor is the only safe place for performing cryptographic operations, and these operations has been disabled in other places. Performing them outside of the editor opens up several severe attacks through JavaScript (e.g. leaking plaintext when decrypting, signing messages written by the attacker).
- Replace CS Lite with Cookie Monster for cookie management. Cookie Monster has an arguably nicer interface, is being actively maintained and is packaged in Debian.

## Software
- Install MAT, the Metadata Anonymisation Toolkit. Its goal is to remove file metadata which otherwise could leak information about you in the documents and media files you publish. This is the result of a Tails developer's suggestion for GSoC 2011, although it ended up being mentored by The Tor Project.
- Upgrade WhisperBack to 1.5~rc1. Users are guided how to send their bug reports through alternative channels upon errors sending them. This will make bug reporting easier when there's no network connection available.
- Upgrade TrueCrypt to 7.1.

## Miscellaneous
- The date and time setting system was completely reworked. This should prevent time syncing issues that may prevent Tor from working properly, which some users have reported. The new system will not leave a fingerprintable network signature, like the old system did. Previously that signature could be used to identify who is using Tails (but not deanonymize them).
- Erase memory at shutdown: run many instances of the memory wiper. Due to architectural limitations of i386 a process cannot access all memory at the same time, and hence a single memory wipe instance cannot clear all memory.
- Saner keyboard layouts for Arabic and Russian.
- Use Plymouth text-only splash screen at boot time.

Plus the usual bunch of minor bug reports and improvements. The full technical changelog is available.

The full version of this release is available at

Download from here,

Tails Live System version 0.8 released

On September 21, Tails anonymous live system version 0.8 was released.

Notable user-visible changes include:

I2P 0.8.8
Linux 3.0.0
Iceweasel 3.5.16-9
Torbutton 1.4.3-1
HTTPS Everywhere 1.0.1-1
More random looking nicks in Pidgin.
Replace the onBoard virtual keyboard with Florence.
PiTIVi non-linear audio/video editor.
Support arbitrary DNS queries.
Use XZ compression to get much smaller ISO images and a bit faster boot.

Plus the usual bunch of minor bug reports and improvements.

The original announcement is at

You can download it via, bittorrent, or

Tails 0.7.2 Released

An update to the fully anonymous operating system, Tails, is now available. Version 0.7.2 includes notable user-visible changes include:

* Iceweasel
o Disable Torbutton's external application launch warning. ... which advises using Tails. Tails is running Tails.
o FoxyProxy: install from Debian instead of the older one we previously shipped.

* Software
o Upgrade Linux kernel to Debian's 2.6.32-34squeeze1: fixes tons of bugs, closes a few security holes at well.
o haveged: install an official Debian backport instead of a custom backport.
o unrar: install the version from Debian's non-free repository. Users report unrar-free does not work well enough.

Plus the usual bunch of minor bug reports and improvements. It can be downloaded from or via bittorrent to save everyone some bandwidth.

The fully detailed changelog can be found here,;a=blob_plain;f=debian/changelog;hb=...

tails anonymous operating system, version 0.7 released

The latest in the series, tail 0.7 livecd/liveusb anonymous operating system is released. The Amnesic Incognito Live System, version 0.7, is built on top of Debian Squeeze. The full changelog is available at

Highlight include updated Tor, better hardware and 3G modem support, https everywhere, more anonymity and privacy fixes, debian squeeze-based for updated software all around.

You can get it at

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