Announcing the Tor Browser User Manual

The community team is excited to announce the new Tor Browser User Manual!

The manual is currently only available in English. We will be adding more languages in the near future, as well as adding the manual to Transifex.

During the creation of this manual, community feedback was requested over various mailing lists / IRC channels. We understand that many people who read this blog are not part of these lists / channels, so we would like to request that if you find errors in the manual or have feedback about how it could be improved, please open a ticket on our bug tracker and set the component to "community".

This manual is part of an ongoing effort to foster wider adoption of Tor, and provide better support to all users, new and old. We'll soon have some more exciting new developments to share about our user support efforts, so stay tuned.

Thanks for using Tor!

Installing and using Tor

Thanks to Rob at Freedom House for putting together some videos about how to get, install, and use Tor, Tor Browser Bundle, and Bridges.

Freedom House has put together other videos on various tools to use to stay secure online at,

Check them out and leave constructive feedback. I'm sure Rob will appreciate help with translating these videos as well.

Tor released

Tor fixes two major bugs in bridge relays (one that would
make the bridge relay not so useful if it had DirPort set to 0, and one
that could let an attacker learn a little bit of information about the
bridge's users), and a bug that would cause your Tor relay to ignore a
circuit create request it can't decrypt (rather than reply with an error).
It also fixes a wide variety of other bugs.

Changes in version - 2009-01-06
Major bugfixes: read more »

  • If the cached networkstatus consensus is more than five days old,
    discard it rather than trying to use it. In theory it could
    be useful because it lists alternate directory mirrors, but in
    practice it just means we spend many minutes trying directory
    mirrors that are long gone from the network. Helps bug 887 a bit;
    bugfix on 0.2.0.x.
  • Bridge relays that had DirPort set to 0 would stop fetching
    descriptors shortly after startup, and then briefly resume
    after a new bandwidth test and/or after publishing a new bridge
    descriptor. Bridge users that try to bootstrap from them would
    get a recent networkstatus but would get descriptors from up to
    18 hours earlier, meaning most of the descriptors were obsolete
    already. Reported by Tas; bugfix on
  • Prevent bridge relays from serving their 'extrainfo' document
    to anybody who asks, now that extrainfo docs include potentially
    sensitive aggregated client geoip summaries. Bugfix on
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