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Net Freedom, Secretary Clinton, and Tor

I attended the speech given by Secretary Clinton on Jan 21, 2010, Most of it was a rehashing of what many of us already know and believe, but it's still good to hear the US Govt "gets it" and is trying to promote the openness on which the Internet has thrived. You can watch the full speech at Interestingly, someone got to ask the anonymity question before me,

QUESTION: You talked about anonymity on line and how we have to prevent that. But you also talk about censorship by governments. And I’m struck by – having a veil of anonymity in certain situations is actually quite beneficial. So are you looking to strike a balance between that and this emphasis on censorship? read more »

Poland, Internet Censorship, and Tor

Over the past month I've been working with a few people from Poland. We are discussing how we can improve the impression of Tor in country. It seems a few people want to make all anonymity and privacy tools illegal; and tor is a well-known scapegoat. Thanks to the efforts of Paweł Wilk for writing a few sane articles about online privacy and Tor in particular.

Sywlia Presley of Global Voices writes up a great overview of the situation at read more »

Installing and using Tor

Thanks to Rob at Freedom House for putting together some videos about how to get, install, and use Tor, Tor Browser Bundle, and Bridges.

Freedom House has put together other videos on various tools to use to stay secure online at,

Check them out and leave constructive feedback. I'm sure Rob will appreciate help with translating these videos as well.

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