2017 Was a Big Year for Tor t0mmy January 03, 2018

The free and open internet was under attack in 2017, but Tor was there to fight for privacy and security every step of the way. 

We’re Upping Our Support to Mobile Browsing isabela September 05, 2017

It’s essential for us to reach people in areas in the world with heavy online surveillance and censorship, especially those in the Global South. Most people in these regions only use smartphones to access the internet, and we want to better support these users by upping our support for mobile browsing.

Tor at the Heart: Onion Browser (and more iOS Tor) mtigas December 05, 2016

During the month of December, we're highlighting other organizations and projects that rely on Tor, build on Tor, or are accomplishing their missions better because Tor exists.