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Important: Polipo has been removed from the Linux Tor Browser Bundle. Please read the full changelog and report bugs if you have any problems.

1.1.0: Released 2010-12-13

  • Update Firefox to 3.6.13
  • Update NoScript to 2.0.7
  • Update HTTPS Everywhere to 0.9.9.development.1
    • This version of HTTPS-Everywhere is patched to include a fix for bug #2096 which
      prevented globally installed versions of the extension from working. It also
      includes better protection from Firesheep. See the changelog here:
  • Add Chris Davis's patch
    • This patch improves Firefox's SOCKS support and eliminates the need for Polipo, so read more »

Polipo changes maintainer

Congratulations to Chrisd for assuming maintainership of the Polipo codebase from Juliusz. The full announcement is available at the mailing list archives.

Why Chris?

Chrisd was a 2009 Google Summer of Code for Tor/EFF. His project was Polipo Portability Enhancements. Chris has proven himself to be a very competent coder and able to design and implement features as needed. He even wrote a SOCKS layer fix for Firefox bugs, https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=280661.

What does this mean to Tor?

It means we have a fantastic new coder maintaining the polipo codebase. Bugfixes, features, and more frequent releases should help improve polipo beyond where it is today.

Is Tor going to control Polipo? read more »

Polipo Portability Enhancements Summary

Over the summer for GSoC 2009, I worked on Polipo, Tor's favored Web proxy for bridging the gap between HTTP and SOCKS protocols. The proxy also provides an efficient memory cache to help speed up browsing. I had an opportunity to learn about Polipo and Libevent, and I had a chance to attend PETS, a privacy conference, and meet some of the Tor folks in person. Polipo is authored by Juliusz Chroboczek. Libevent is developed by Nick Mathewson and Niels Provos. Nick Mathewson also happens to work for the Tor Project and was my GSoC mentor over the summer. read more »

Vidalia 0.2.4 Released

Vidalia 0.2.4 is released. The OS X -alpha bundles are updated to fix a bug in the default "bootstrap" vidalia.conf file that pointed to a non-existent Polipo configuration file, causing Polipo to fail on startup.

The Changelog for this release is: read more »

  • Split the message log into "Basic" and "Advanced" views. The
    "Advanced" view contains standard log messages from Tor, while the new
    experimental "Basic" view displays status events received from Tor.
    (Ticket #265)
  • Apply an application-global stylesheet on OS X that forces all tree
    widgets in Vidalia to use the 12pt font recommended by Apple's human
    interface guidelines.
  • Add an OSX_FORCE_32BIT CMake option that can be used to force a 32-bit
    build on Mac OS X versions that default to 64-bit builds (e.g., Snow
    Leopard), if only 32-bit versions of the Qt libraries are available.
  • Fix a bug introduced in 0.2.3 that prevented Vidalia from correctly

Investigating http proxy performance with Tor

A while ago there was a thread on OR-TALK that devolved into

"why does Tor still ship ancient privoxy?"


"why are you shipping polipo with the Tor Browser Bundle instead of current privoxy?"

For those interested, the thread is here, http://archives.seul.org/or/talk/Jul-2009/msg00063.html.

Scott had a good argument for why we should update the bundles to the latest privoxy, and I agree, we should. But then I started thinking about why we needed a proxy at all. Almost all browsers support socks5 direct, isn't that faster than a middleman proxy?

This got me thinking about why polipo is in the TBB, but not the other packages. The TBB "feels faster" when using Tor than using the installed Tor, Vidalia, and Privoxy. However, I couldn't find any actual testing of performance of polipo vs. privoxy vs. socks5 direct. read more »

Experimental OS X Drag and Drop Vidalia Bundle Installer

I asked for community feedback in this post about drag and drop installation of the Vidalia bundle for Apple's OS X. In working with the Vidalia team, we now have a drag and drop installer. This is experimental. It's designed for a clean install. It won't migrate your settings, nor will it configure anything for you. Upon installing, your milk may sour and your salt may run off with your pepper. Now that the disclaimers are over, here's what it contains and does do for you. read more »

It includes Universal binaries for:

  • Vidalia version 0.2.0-svn r3425
  • Polipo 1.0.4 configured to use Tor as a socksproxy
  • Tor compiled with prefix and bindir set to /Applications/Vidalia.app
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