Tor is released: a new series is stable! nickm April 26, 2017

Tor is the first stable release of the Tor 0.3.0 series.

Updates for old Tor stable release series:,,,, nickm March 03, 2017

Hi! We've just tagged and uploaded new versions for the older 0.2.4 through 0.2.8 release series, to backport important patches and extend the useful life of these versions.

Tor is released nickm March 01, 2017

Tor backports a security fix for users who build Tor with the --enable-expensive-hardening option.

Tor is released arma January 23, 2017

Tor fixes a denial-of-service bug where an attacker could cause relays and clients to crash, even if they were not built with the --enable-expensive-hardening option.