Tor help desk expands with four more languages

When we first launched the Tor help desk back in November 2011, we provided support in English and Farsi. We recently expanded the help desk with four more languages: Arabic, French, Mandarin, and Spanish. The help desk is a best effort service with no guarantees, but we generally respond within 48 hours.

For support in English, email For other languages, try: for Arabic for Spanish for Farsi for French for Mandarin

Visual overview of the Tor network

If you were to give a non-technical person a brief overview of the Tor network, how would you begin? And if you had a picture or diagram to assist you, how would that look like?

We're looking for better visualizations of the Tor network as introductory material. Most people already know EFF's visualizations from Tor's Overview page. Recently, an Italian hack meeting came up with a fun picture of how to imagine a Tor circuit. A discussion among Tor developers brought up an ugly, but potentially useful analogy with road traffic.

Want to help make these visualizations better or suggest your own? Prettier drawings that we can actually show to the world are as useful as content-wise improvements what to add or leave out from these visualizations. Simply leave your ideas or links in the comments. Thanks!

We are hiring support assistants and translators!

Your job is to handle support requests via our ticketing system and our new Q&A website, as well as make sure translations for software and documentation are up to date. This is a part-time contractor position starting in Q4 2012 and renewing quarterly.

We are looking for candidates who are fluent in one of Arabic, French, Mandarin, Burmese, Vietnamese, Spanish, and English. All must be fluent in English.

See the full job description for more information.

Dear Nigerians, help us help you.

You've flooded the blog and tor-assistants with lots of cries for help about Tor, Freegate, Ultrasurf, and a slew of VPNs all being blocked. Sometimes this is through MTN Nigera, sometimes not. suggests access is a 50/50 chance for some sites. That FAQ entry is a fine place to start. Telling us Tor doesn't work lets us know there is a problem. Sending in logs from Message Log would be a great start. We need to know what Tor records while trying to connect to the Tor Network.

Someone could further startup Wireshark and record the entire session of Tor starting up and ultimately failing to connect to the Tor Network. read more »

Conversation with a European Donor

I had a conversation with a private donor from Europe yesterday. During the discussion, I asked,

Is there more we can do in the EU to help protect privacy and anonymity online?

The answer is,

You are already doing it as far as I am concerned: I started using TOR due to the recent coming into force of the legal requirement that UK ISPs must keep all web-browsing and e-mail connections for a year (?), and the fact that practically everyone and his cat (in government, of course) can ask to see those records without judicial review. Maybe you should stop talking about China and Tibet as places where anonymity are needed by journalists, and talk about the EU were anonymity is needed by all. read more »

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