New Tor Browser Bundles with Firefox 17.0.3esr erinn February 21, 2013

We've updated all of the bundles with Firefox 17.0.3esr.

New Tor Browser Bundles erinn June 12, 2012

The Tor Browser Bundles have been updated with a bunch of new software: Tor, Vidalia 0.2.19, and we have switched to using Firefox's long-term stable release (10.0.5esr).

New Tor Browser Bundles erinn October 12, 2011

The Tor Browser Bundles have been updated to Vidalia 0.2.15.

Torbutton 1.4.1 Released mikeperry August 28, 2011

Torbutton 1.4.1 has been released at:

Torbutton 1.4.0 Released phobos July 09, 2011

Torbutton 1.4.0 has been released at:

New Tor Browser Bundles (and other packaging updates) erinn May 02, 2011

Tor is out and there are the usual packaging updates.

To Toggle, or not to Toggle: The End of Torbutton mikeperry May 02, 2011

In a random bar about two years ago, a Google Chrome developer asked me why Torbutton didn't just launch a new, clean Firefox profile/instance to deal with the tremendous number of state separation

Web Developers and Firefox Hackers: Help us with Firefox 4 mikeperry March 25, 2011

We need some web-savvy people to help us audit the Torbutton alpha series for Firefox 4.

Torbutton-alpha 1.3.1 released for testing phobos January 04, 2011

Torbutton 1.3.1-alpha has been released at: