Tor Check Outage on 03 and 04 July 2013

Over the past 24 hours has been unavailable due to excessive DNS queries to the exitlist service. It seems there are a number of individuals and companies with commercial products relying upon this volunteer service. We finally hit the point where we couldn't keep up with the queries and simply disabled the service.

This is a volunteer service offered as a proof of concept. We strongly encourage people to run their own. The code is available at

The new Tor Browser 3.0 alpha series includes a new way to detect "tor or not" locally, without relying on a single point of failure service. This is the first step towards finally retiring for good.

As of 09:00 on 04 July 2013, the service is re-enabled. We reserve the right to take it down as needed without notice.

TorCheck rewritten and relaunched!

Nick encouraged me to rewrite TorCheck in Python. Roger encouraged me to automatically translate TorCheck messages into a given locale when specifically requested. This is finished, reasonably stable and live right now.

As usual, TorCheck queries the TorDNSEL to determine if the visitor is possibly using a proper Tor exit node.

As an added bonus, TorCheck is now localized with useful information in Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, English, German, Farsi, Japanese, Polish and Spanish.

Users of the TorBrowser will now automatically have a fully translated browsing experience. Any other user can simply select the proper ISO 3166 Code for their country and make a GET request with a properly set LANG query string as linked above. There's a good chance that your locale will be supported in the future if it isn't already.

If you'd like to pitch in and translate TorCheck into your locale, we'd love the help! Feel free to check the translations directory for current translations and see if your locale has been translated. If you'd like to add a locale we haven't translated, download a copy of the PO template file and translate away!

Give the new TorCheck a try today!

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