Introducing the Tor translation glossary

The Tor translation glossary is a glossary used primarily when translating software and documentation for the Tor Project. This glossary contains technical, general, gui and Tor specific terms, as well as names. This glossary can also be used for a more consistent use of technical terms in the source language (English).

Translators can access this glossary from inside Transifex when working on a resource. To view the glossary for a specific language, do the following:

  • Go to our project page on Transifex
  • Choose the language
  • Choose the resource
  • In the box that pops up, click Translate Now

There is a link to the translation glossary right above the source strings and translations, along with a search box and a set of shortcuts. Please help translate the glossary to ensure that translations in your language are consistent across different resources.

Thanks to Shondoit Walker who initially started the work on the Tor translation glossary on

September 2010 Progress Report

New Hires

  • Tom Heydt-Benjamin is contracted full-time to work on NSF-related research through December 2010.
  • Erinn Clark is contracted full-time to work on improving packaging, secure updater, tor browser bundles, and continuous integration systems through December 2010. Previously, Erinn was part-time.

New Releases read more »

November 2009 Progress Report

New releases, new hires, new funding

Bruce Leidl joins to work on developing Tor in Java. Bruce will write a fully functional Tor in Java in order to provide a solid foundation for other java-based projects; such as Tor on mobile platforms like Maemo and Android.

On November 2nd we released Vidalia 0.2.6.

On November 20th, we released Tor Browser Bundle 1.2.10.

On November 19th, we released Tor

Design, develop, and implement enhancements that make
Tor a better tool for users in censored countries.

Roger met with his class at KAIST working on bridge deployment strategies. A few teams developed some creative strategies. Roger is continuing to work with the leading teams to further refine their ideas before publishing. read more »

Website translation support for

This summer I was working on a set of scripts that would make it possible to translate the Tor Project website via Pootle on The website is based on a set of .wml files, but Pootle only takes files in the .pot and po format. The goal was to find a solution that would make it easy to not only translate from .wml to .po and back, but enable us to convert and keep the already translated documents. read more »

February 2009 Progress Report

New releases, new hires, new funding
On February 8, we released versions and

Tor features several more security-related fixes. You should upgrade, especially if you run an exit relay (remote crash) or a directory authority (remote infinite loop), or you're on an older (pre-XP) or not-recently-patched Windows (remote exploit).

This release marks end-of-life for Tor 0.1.2.x. Those Tor versions have many known flaws, and nobody should be using them. You should upgrade. If you're using a Linux or BSD and its packages are obsolete, stop using those packages and upgrade anyway.

In Tor, if we're using bridges and our network goes away, be more willing to forgive our bridges and try again when we get an application request. Bugfix on 0.2.0.x. read more »

July 2008 Progress Report


Torbutton 1.2.0rc5 (released July 6) provides improved addon compatibility, better preservation of Firefox preferences that we touch, fixing issues with Tor toggle breaking for some option combos, and an improved 'Restore Defaults' button. This version also features Firefox 3 cookie jar support, and support for storing cookie jars in memory.

Vidalia 0.1.6 (released July 8) fixes a bug introduced in 0.1.3 that could cause excessive CPU usage or crashing on some platforms; continues to prepare Vidalia's strings for easier translation; adds a Romanian GUI and installer translation; and updated the Farsi, Finnish, French, German, and Swedish translations.

Tor (released July 8) fixes two big bugs with using bridges, fixes more hidden-service performance bugs, and fixes a bunch of smaller bugs.

Torbutton 1.2.0rc6 (released July 12) features fixes for a nasty history loss bug, an exception during Tor toggle, javascript being disabled in some tabs, better pref handling, and more.

Tor (released July 15) is the first stable release of the 0.2.0.x branch. The previous stable branch (0.1.2.x) went stable in April of 2007. We are still waiting for Torbutton and Vidalia to stabilize before announcing the Windows and OS X packages on the or-announce announcements
list. We expect to do that in August.

Tor Browser Bundle 1.1.1 (released July 20) updates Vidalia to release 0.1.6, updates Pidgin Portable to 2.4.3, updates Pidgin OTR plugin to 3.2, updates Tor to, updates Torbutton to 1.2.0rc6, and sets TZ=UTC environment variable in RelativeLink (needed by Torbutton). read more »

Jacob and Matt join the Tor Project

Jacob Appelbaum joins us to help out with:

  • developing a translation portal. This should help us find translators
    and make their updates easier.
  • coordinating the Tor translation team and getting parts that need
    translating, translated.
  • helping to better document Tor for non-technical users.
  • writing an auto-responder to use Google's gmail to deliver Tor to
    users who request it
  • helping to get auto-updating for Tor and Vidalia working seamlessly
  • maintaining the code that runs the tor exitlist
  • generally advocating Tor

Matt Edman joins the Tor Project. Matt joins to help us enhance Tor's
interactions with Vidalia. Specifically, he's working on:

  • integrating upnp libraries into vidalia to make it easier to setup servers
  • displaying Tor's startup status more visually in Vidalia to help users
    understand what's going on as Tor starts
  • assist with making translating Vidalia's interface and help files
    easier for translators
  • helping to flesh out proposals in queue on or-dev
  • helping to get auto-updating or Tor and Vidalia working seamlessly
  • tackling the "matt" section of the TODO file.

Welcome Jacob and Matt!

April 2008 Progress Report

Tor (released Apr 22) adds dizum (run by Alex de Joode)
as the new sixth v3 directory authority, makes relays with dynamic IP
addresses and no DirPort notice more quickly when their IP address
changes, fixes a few rare crashes and memory leaks, and fixes a few
other miscellaneous bugs. Tor (released Apr 23) makes Tor
work again on OS X and certain BSDs.

Torbutton 1.1.18 (released Apr 17) fixes many usability and interoperability
items, in an attempt to make the new Torbutton not so obnoxious in its
zeal to protect the user. It also includes new translations for French,
Russian, Farsi, Italian, and Spanish.

We did a complete overhaul of the
page. Now it accepts a language choice,
Available languages are German, English, Spanish, Italian, Farsi,
Japanese, Polish, Portugese, Russian, and Chinese. The Tor Browser
Bundle automatically uses the appropriate language as its home page,
based on which language of the Browser Bundle was downloaded.

Started on a documentation page to explain to users what bridges are,
how they can decide whether they need one, and how to configure their
Tor client to use them:

We've also started working on a design proposal for making it easier
to set up a private or testing Tor network. With the advent of the v3
directory protocol, it currently takes up to 30 minutes before a test
network will produce a useful networkstatus consensus. Also, there are
a dozen different config options that need to be set correctly for
a Tor network running on a single IP address to not trigger various
security defenses. This approach should let more people set up their
own Tor networks, either for testing or because they can't reach the
main Tor network. read more »

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