Vidalia 0.2.19 is out!

Hello everybody,

I'm glad to announce that Vidalia stable has new releases, 0.2.18 and 0.2.19.
They are not really big releases, but there are some fixes here to make it more comfortable for you while we get the alpha ready to be called stable.

Why two different releases? Well, errors occur and version numbers don't cost any money, so basically 0.2.18 was released, a couple of issues were found and then we made 0.2.19 fixing them.

You can find the source tarballs in here:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Vidalia releases have been in sync with Tor Browser Bundle releases. This won't necessarily happen anymore. It became hard to sync all the software that TBB contains, so Vidalia releases got delayed for more urgent Firefox issues and things like that. We therefor decided that Vidalia will be released when ready, and TBB will get it at some point.

So, if you don't want to build Vidalia from source, you need to be patient.

Here's what changed for 0.2.18 and 0.2.19:

0.2.18 14-May-2012

  • Use consensus bandwidth for routers when microdescriptors is
    enabled. Fixes bug 3287.

  • Notify users that a warning status event has appeared by flashing
    the Message Log button. Fixes bug 3957.
  • Fix a method that didn't return the specified type if another
    control method was selected. Fixes bug 4065.
  • Resume listing relays in the Network Map panel even when Tor only
    offers microdescriptors (new in Tor 0.2.3.x). Fixes ticket 4203.
  • Handle unrecognized Tor bootstrap phases. (Tor tells us a summary
    description of each bootstrap phase as it occurs, so we can use
    that string if needed.) Fixes bug 5109.
  • Displays Korean, Catalan and Greek in their native scripts. Fix
    bug 5110.
  • Support adding comments in the same line as a config option inside
    the torrc dialog. Fixes bug 5475.
  • Remove Polipo and Torbutton from Vidalia's build scripts. Resolves
    ticket 5769.
  • Fix deadlock when the browser process failed to launch in OS X.
  • Add ProfileDirectory, DefaultProfileDirectory, PluginsDirectory,
    DefaultPluginsDirectory for better Browser configuration. Also set
    the Vidalia binary location as the starting point for relative
  • Enable Burmese, Croatian, Basque and Serbian translation.
  • Remove the "Find bridges" button in order to avoid compromising
    users that need to hide behind tor at all times. Fixes bug 5371.
  • Add visual feedback from VClickLabel when in "pressed" state.
    Resolves ticket 5766.

0.2.19 30-May-2012

  • Disable "Run Vidalia when my system starts" if the
    BrowserExecutable config option is set. This will avoid issues with
    TBB users starting Vidalia the wrong way.
  • Automigrate TorExecutable, Torrc and DataDirectory config options
    to the new relative path handling.
  • Really get rid of the openssl dependency. The goal had been to
    achieve that for 0.2.18, but not everything was actually removed.
  • For static builds on windows, correctly link with zlib and

Alpha Bundles Available for Testing

There are new alpha Tor Browser Bundles and Vidalia Bundles available for testing!

These bundles include the latest Vidalia 0.3.1 alpha release and Tor

Right now they are technology previews, so they aren't on the main download page yet, but please try them out and give us feedback in our bug tracker.

Download links


Mac OS X


There are also normal Vidalia bundles available for Windows and 32-bit non-ppc OS X (10.5 and up) here:


Mac OS X

New Tor Browser Bundles

The Tor Browser Bundles have all been updated to the latest Firefox (10.0.1) as well as a number of other software version updates, such as the latest Vidalia.

Tor Browser Bundle (2.2.35-6)

  • Update Firefox to 10.0.1
  • Update Vidalia to 0.2.17
  • Update Libevent to 2.0.17-stable
  • Update NoScript to 2.3

Vidalia 0.2.17 is out!

Hello everyone, it's been a while since we had a Vidalia release, so we thought "why not make two?".

On a more serious comment, the only difference between 0.2.16 and 0.2.17 is what translations are in. Since we changed our translations workflow, we needed to update the availability policy. Basically, every new translation that has more than 90% done gets enabled. If any of the enabled translations drop bellow the 75% done, we take them out.

Remember that if you find any bugs, you can report them at

Here's what changed since 0.2.15:

0.2.17 11-Feb-2012

  • Improve the translation policy: do not remove translations that
    are not under 75% done. This re enables Polish and Catalan.

0.2.16 11-Feb-2012

  • Make the default data directory in windows be located in the Local
    AppData instead of the Roaming one. Fixes bug 2319.
  • Do not launch Firefox with every CIRCUIT_ESTABLISHED signal, do it
    only if Firefox isn't open yet. Fixes bug 2943.
  • Uses TAKEOWNERSHIP and __OwningControllerProcess to avoid leaving
    tor running in background if Vidalia exits unexpectedly. Fixes bug
  • Attempt to remove port.conf file before using it to avoid a race
    condition between tor and Vidalia. Fixes bug 4048.
  • Do not allow users to check the "My ISP blocks..." checkbox
    without entering any bridges. Also updates the
    documentation. Fixes bug 4290.
  • Check that the authentication-cookie file length is exactly 32
    bytes long. Fixes bug 4304.
  • Explicitly disable ControlPort auto. Fixes bug 4379.
  • Make the non exit relay option backward compatible with Vidalia <
    0.2.14 so that it doesn't confuse users. Fixes bug 4642.
  • Sets the preferred size for the GUI layout so it doesn't squeeze
    widges when the size isn't big enough. Fixes bug 4656.
  • Removes the option to have only HTTPProxy since it does not work
    any more as it used to do with older tor versions. Users should
    use HTTP/HTTPSProxy instead. Fixes bug 4724.
  • Add a hidden configuration option called SkipVersionCheck so
    systems like Tails can force Vidalia to skip checking tor's
    version. Resolves ticket 4736.
  • When Tor has cached enough information it bootstraps faster than
    what takes Vidalia connect to it, so Vidalia does not see the
    event to update the progress bar. Now Vidalia explicitly asks for
    bootstrap-phase when it connects to Tor, and updates the progress
    to what is actually happening instead of hanging in
    "Authenticating to Tor". Fixes bug 4827.
  • Fix size hints in the main window layout so that tilling window
    managers display the window properly. Thanks to Mike Warren for
    the fix. Fixes bug 4907.
  • Vidalia only validates IPv4 bridge lines. IPv6 bridges are now
    available, and there will be pluggable transport bridge lines. So
    the validation is now delegated to Tor through SETCONF.
  • Explicitly disable SocksPort auto by setting it to its default
    (9050). Fixes bug 4598.
  • Sets __ReloadTorrcOnSIGHUP to 0 if SAVECONF failed, which means
    the user can't write the torrc file. Fixes bug 4833.
  • Enable new translations that are >90% done. The new languages are:
    Bulgarian, Czech, Hebrew, Greek, Indonesian, Korean,
    Dutch. Resolves ticket 5051.
  • Remove translations that aren't ready enough: Japanese, Thai,
    Albanian, Vietnamese, Chinese (Taiwan), Polish, Catalan and

Vidalia 0.2.15 is out!

Hello everybody,

I'm happy to announce a new version for Vidalia, 0.2.15.

If you find any bugs or have ideas on how to improve Vidalia, please
remember to go to and file a ticket for it!

You can find the source tarball and its signature in here:

TBB and other packages are going to be here soon, please be patient.

Here's what changed:

0.2.15 07-Oct-2011

  • Draw the bandwidth graph curves based on the local maximum, not
    the global maximum. Fixes bug 2188.
  • Add an option for setting up a non-exit relay to the Sharing
    configuration panel. This is meant to clarify what an exit policy
    and an exit relay are. Resolves bug 2644.
  • Display time statistics for bridges in UTC time, rather than local
    time. Fixes bug 3342.
  • Change the parameter for ordering the entries in the Basic Log
    list from currentTime to currentDateTime to avoid missplacing
    entries from different days.
  • Check the tor version and that settings are sanitized before
    trying to use the port autoconfiguration feature. Fixes bug 3843.
  • Provide a way to hide Dock or System Tray icons in OSX. Resolves
    ticket 2163.
  • Make new processes appear at front when they are started (OSX

Vidalia 0.2.14 is out!

Hi everybody,

I'm happy to announce that Vidalia-0.2.14 is out, and yes 0.2.13 is too
(the changelog will clarify why two releases).

If you find any bugs or have ideas on how to improve Vidalia, please
remember to go to and file a ticket for it!

You can find the tarball for this release here:

Here's what's new:

0.2.14 26-Aug-2011

  • Make the AutoPort setting default to false, so that it doesn't
    break backwards compatibility for people that aren't using Vidalia
    inside Tor Browser Bundle.

0.2.13 10-Aug-2011

  • Add a way to bootstrap Tor's torrc file (copy the torrc to a given
    directory before Vidalia starts) so that packages such as
    Bridge-by-default portable bundles for OSX don't violate the directory
    structure of the operating system. Fixes bug 2821.
  • Add the proper CA Certificates so that the "Find Bridges" button works
    again. Fixes bug 2835.
  • Update the useful links help page. Fixes bug 2809.
  • Reintegrate Breakpad, and make it available in platforms other than
    Windows. Resolves bug 2105.
  • Fix bandwidth assigned to relays on the Network Map. A lot of relays are
    displaying an erroneous bandwidth and since they are ordered by that
    value in the Network Map, it leads to confusion. Vidalia now specifies
    the bandwidth as the minimum of the three possible values (burst,
    average and observed). Fixes bug 2744.
  • Fix layouts in the configuration panel to make them look seamlessly
    across all platforms.
  • Add -no-remote parameter to Firefox so it allows another instance of
    non-TBB Firefox. Fixes bug 2254.
  • Add the possibility of changing the torrc path while Tor hasn't
    started. Fixes bug 3109.
  • Make the fact that bridges don't need a DirPort setting more clear by
    removing the content of the field when disabling it. Fixes bug 3119.
  • Improve command line parameter handling. Resolves bug 2965.
  • Fix layout in BandwidthGraph to display labels correctly in every
    language. Fixes bug 2500.
  • Updates README.debs to reflect the change in the packaging now that
    Vidalia uses Git. Fixes bug 3668.
  • Add a way to use the autoconfiguration for ControlPort and SocksPort.
    Tor can now autoconfigure Control and Socks Ports when the default ones
    are in use. This makes it easier to run several different instances of
    TBB at the same time. Resolves bug 3077.
  • Provide the necessary fields (Control password, ControlPort) to let
    TorButton NEWNYM. Vidalia provides these in env vars when it launches
    the Firefox instance. Resolves bug 2659.

Lots of new Tor and Vidalia packages

New Vidalia and Tor releases mean lots and lots of new packages. You can download most of them from the download page.

RPM users: we'll have all of the RPMs up within the next 24 hours. Everyone else, read on for Tor Browser Bundle changelogs and other packages.

Bridge-by-Default Bundle

Tor Browser Bundle with Firefox 4

Tor Browser Bundle (2.2.24-1) alpha; suite=osx

  • Update Tor to
  • Update Vidalia to 0.2.12
  • Update NoScript to

Tor Browser Bundle (2.2.24-1) alpha; suite=linux

  • Update Tor to
  • Update Vidalia to 0.2.12
  • Update NoScript to
  • Fix missing extensions by putting them in the right location (closes: #2828)
  • Disable plugin searching (closes: #2827)

Tor Browser Bundle with Firefox 3.6

Windows 1.3.23: Released 2011-04-13

  • Update Vidalia to 0.2.12
  • Fix langpack mistake that made Firefox only use English

Linux 1.1.7: Released 2011-04-12

  • Update Tor to
  • Update Vidalia to 0.2.12
  • Update NoScript to

OS X 1.0.15: Released 2011-04-11

  • Update Tor to
  • Update Vidalia to 0.2.12
  • Update NoScript to

Vidalia 0.2.12 is released

The new release of Vidalia 0.2.12 is out. We'd also like to congratulate Tomás Touceda on his first release and thank him for all his work and patience in getting this out!

0.2.12 10-Apr-2011

  • Vidalia's SVN repository has been migrated to Git. All branches but
    master have been archived for later review, since SVN trunk had changed
    significantly; they should be reviewed later to determine whether
    they can and should still be merged. All \version $Id$ headers have been
    removed since Git does not support $Id$.
  • As part of the move, Vidalia's Trac is now at:
    All Trac numbers in Vidalia 0.2.12 and beyond refer to the new Trac
    entries. The old Trac is archived for posterity at:
  • Add support for Tor's ControlSocket as an alternative to ControlPort. It
    can be used for Linux maintainers to build a better default interaction
    between Tor and Vidalia by just setting the right permissions and file
    owner on the socket file for the connection. Using ControlSocket means
    you don't need to worry about authentication methods with ControlPort.
    Resolves bug 2091.
  • Add a way to edit arbitrary torrc entries while Tor is running. Now
    Vidalia users have more flexibility for configuring Tor. This change
    doesn't replace editing torrc directly, because on some systems
    (like Debian) Tor can't write to its torrc file. Resolves bug 2083.
  • Remove Vidalia's direct dependency on OpenSSL. This dependency had
    caused Vidalia to fail to run on FreeBSD (due to a bug in the FreeBSD
    ports collection) and Fedora 14 (due to an incompatibility between
    OpenSSL and Fedora's SELinux configuration). Resolves bug 2287 and
  • Restore compatibility with Windows 2000. An update to the MiniUPnPc
    library had introduced an unnecessary dependency on a system library
    not included in Windows 2000. Fixes bug 2612.
  • Fix how the advanced message log window displays message updates when
    messages are coming in too quickly, for example when you're listening
    to debug-level messages from Tor. Fixes bug 2093.
  • Add a what's this? link to the bridge option to explain in a more verbose
    fashion what being a bridge involves. Resolves bug 1995.
  • Prompt users to restart Tor after changing the path to torrc. Fixes bug
  • Disable the directory port configuration field when configuring a
    bridge. A bridge does not need to operate a separate directory port,
    and operating one can make a bridge easier to detect. Fixes bug 2431.
  • When Vidalia asks Tor for a bridge's usage history before anyone has
    used it, correctly report that no clients have used the bridge recently.
    Previously, it would incorrectly warn that it was unable to retrieve the
    bridge's usage history. Fixes bug 2186.

Vidalia: get involved!

Hello everyone, for those who don't know me, I'm the one that's taking care of Vidalia these days.

The other day I was contacted by paulproteus in the #vidalia IRC channel about an initiative they (OpenHatch) are organizing called "Build It".

The idea

Open Source projects live and die depending on contributors and people that want to see the project evolve, but this isn't so easy sometimes.
The guys behind the Build It initiative have a theory about this difficulty:

"...lots of users of free desktop software want to get involved in customizing or contributing to the project's development, but they haven't gotten to the first step of getting the program to compile."

Since I'm a Gentoo user for years now, the compilation part comes naturally to me and I haven't thought of this issue that way but it's an interesting approach.

The event

This week, people involved in Vidalia and other Open Source projects will be at a specific time online to help users (future developers, may be :) ) jump over this compilation wall. Particularly, Vidalia is scheduled for this Friday at 13:00 UTC in the same place as usual: #vidalia at OFTC.

While this event is taking place on a particular day and a particular time, I'm online all the time (even when I'm not in front of the computer). So if you want to contribute to Vidalia or any of the projects around Tor (or Tor itself), don't hesitate, just get online and start typing, but be patient and stick around. Also, you'd probably want to read this:

If you want to know more about the Buld It initiative, you can ask in #openhatch at Freenode, or read here:

Mac OS X Vidalia Bundle with out

Vidalia 0.2.10 changed the way we deal with the geoip databases by dropping the remote geoip lookups. This caused a lot of headaches for OS X users because of the layout of the package, but it's fixed in this version. You can download the new version here.

Please let us know if you have further problems by reporting a bug.

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