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New Tor Browser Bundles

The stable Tor Browser Bundles have all been updated to the latest Firefox 10.0.6esr release.

The alpha Tor Browser Bundles have also (finally) been updated with numerous new pieces of software, including the latest Tor release candidate (

All users are strongly urged to upgrade.

Tor Browser Bundle (2.2.37-2)

  • Update Firefox to 10.0.6esr
  • Update Vidalia to 0.2.20
  • Update NoScript to 2.4.8
  • Disable Firefox crashreporter
  • Windows: Fix Firefox transparency problems with Aero theme (closes: #4795.)

Tor Browser Bundle (2.3.19-alpha-1)

  • Update Tor to
  • Update Firefox to 14.0.1
  • Update libevent to 2.0.19-stable
  • Update OpenSSL to 1.0.1c
  • Update zlib to 1.2.7
  • Update Torbutton to 1.4.6
  • Update NoScript to 2.4.9
  • Update HTTPS Everywhere to 3.0development.5
  • Downgrade Vidalia to 0.2.20
  • Update libpng to 1.5.12
  • New Tor Browser Bundles

    The Tor Browser Bundles have been updated to Vidalia 0.2.15. The OS X and Linux bundles have Torbutton 1.4.4, but a hotfix for Windows was released with because 1.4.4 had a minor issue that prevented the Windows bundle from going to

    Tor Browser Bundle (2.2.33-3)

    • Update Vidalia to 0.2.15
    • Update Torbutton to
    • Update NoScript to 2.1.4
    • Remove trailing dash from Windows version number (closes: #4160)
    • Make Tor Browser (Aurora) fail closed when not launched with a TBB profile
      (closes: #4192)

    Vidalia 0.2.15 is out!

    Hello everybody,

    I'm happy to announce a new version for Vidalia, 0.2.15.

    If you find any bugs or have ideas on how to improve Vidalia, please
    remember to go to and file a ticket for it!

    You can find the source tarball and its signature in here:

    TBB and other packages are going to be here soon, please be patient.

    Here's what changed:

    0.2.15 07-Oct-2011

    • Draw the bandwidth graph curves based on the local maximum, not
      the global maximum. Fixes bug 2188.
    • Add an option for setting up a non-exit relay to the Sharing
      configuration panel. This is meant to clarify what an exit policy
      and an exit relay are. Resolves bug 2644.
    • Display time statistics for bridges in UTC time, rather than local
      time. Fixes bug 3342.
    • Change the parameter for ordering the entries in the Basic Log
      list from currentTime to currentDateTime to avoid missplacing
      entries from different days.
    • Check the tor version and that settings are sanitized before
      trying to use the port autoconfiguration feature. Fixes bug 3843.
    • Provide a way to hide Dock or System Tray icons in OSX. Resolves
      ticket 2163.
    • Make new processes appear at front when they are started (OSX

    April 2011 Progress Report

    The April 2011 Progress Report is attached to this post and available at

    Highlights include releases for tor, vidalia, arm, and libevent. Updates to pluggable transports, obfsproxy, torbutton, many translation and core architecture updates.

    October 2009 Progress Report

    New releases, new hires, new funding
    Christian Fromme joins Tor to work on development and maintenance of the growing number of tools we’ve created over the past year. Christian is a great python hacker with a strong security mindset. He’s going to enhance and maintain the tools such as tor weather, get-tor, bridge database, tor control, tor flow,, etc. Christian has been a volunteer developer for the past year helping to enhance get-tor, tor weather, and generally helping out with our python coding needs.

    On October 10, we released Tor version The release notes can be read at or below: read more »

    Vidalia 0.2.4 Released

    Vidalia 0.2.4 is released. The OS X -alpha bundles are updated to fix a bug in the default "bootstrap" vidalia.conf file that pointed to a non-existent Polipo configuration file, causing Polipo to fail on startup.

    The Changelog for this release is: read more »

    • Split the message log into "Basic" and "Advanced" views. The
      "Advanced" view contains standard log messages from Tor, while the new
      experimental "Basic" view displays status events received from Tor.
      (Ticket #265)
    • Apply an application-global stylesheet on OS X that forces all tree
      widgets in Vidalia to use the 12pt font recommended by Apple's human
      interface guidelines.
    • Add an OSX_FORCE_32BIT CMake option that can be used to force a 32-bit
      build on Mac OS X versions that default to 64-bit builds (e.g., Snow
      Leopard), if only 32-bit versions of the Qt libraries are available.
    • Fix a bug introduced in 0.2.3 that prevented Vidalia from correctly

    Testing Tor Browser Bundle 1.2.7-dev

    I've updated the Tor Browser Bundle with torbutton 1.2.2, the new Vidalia 0.2.2, and openssl 0.9.8k compiled with Microsoft Visual C to handle ssl compatibility issues with various versions of Windows.

    If this works, it will be the new Tor Browser Bundle 1.2.8. Please test away.

    The full list of changes:

    • update Torbutton to 1.2.2
    • update Vidalia to 0.2.2
    • compile OpenSSL 0.9.8k with Visual C to make dlls

    There is an issue for some people using a clean Windows XP, Vista, 7 which would either require we ship the Visual C redistributable package, or compile OpenSSL ourselves with Visual C. The symptoms were the "find bridges now" button didn't appear in Vidalia 0.2.x, and the relays would never get flags. A few people posted comments to this blog about lacking flags and geoip information with TBB. read more »

    Vidalia 0.2.2 Released

    Vidalia 0.2.2 is released. It addresses an issue with openssl which causes the geoip lookups to fail on various versions of Windows. It also switches from the Nullsoft Installer to the Microsoft System Installer for better compatibility with Microsoft Windows.

    There are now separate Apple OS X builds, one for PowerPC architectures and one for i386 architectures. No more Universal binary bloat to download.

    The changes are: read more »

    • When the user clicks "Browse" in the Advanced settings page to locate
      a new torrc, set the initial directory shown in the file dialog to the
      current location of the user's torrc. (Ticket #505)
    • Use 'ditto' to strip the architectures we don't want from the Qt
      frameworks installed into the app bundle with the dist-osx,
      dist-osx-bundle and dist-osx-split-bundle build targets.
    • Fix a bug in the CMakeLists.txt files for ts2po and po2ts that caused
      build errors on Panther for those two tools.

    Vidalia 0.1.15 Released

    Vidalia 0.1.15 is released. It contains fixes for:

    • Bump the minimum required Qt version to 4.3.0.
    • Remove USE_QSSLSOCKET as a build option. If your Qt doesn't support !OpenSSL, then you don't get GeoIP lookups.
    • Fix the TorPostFlight portion of the OS X bundle installer so it doesn't fail when installing Torbutton.
    • Include libeay32.dll in the Windows installers.

    It can be obtained at

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