Shutting down the Vidalia GeoIP mapping server

Vidalia is the graphical controller for the Tor software. It provides an easy to use interface to control some basic functionality of the Tor software and to give you graphical feedback as to what your Tor software is doing as you use it.

The Vidalia Project is shutting down the server that gives you the city-level location for tor relays in the Network Map. If you are running a version of Vidalia that is earlier than 0.2.10, you will lose your country flags and relays appearing in the Network Map. This is a display issue and does not affect the functionality of the Tor software itself. The main change in Vidalia 0.2.10 was to rely on the Tor software's local country-level GeoIP database that ships with the Tor software. read more »

Vidalia 0.2.10 Released

The latest version of the graphical controller for tor, Vidalia, is now available. The main change is the use of Tor's native geoip database to map relay IP addresses to country. This removes the remote geoip resolution that occurred over Tor in previous versions of Vidalia.

Vidalia can be found at

The full changelog is: read more »

  • Drop remote GeoIP lookups. Instead, the default behavior now is to use the country-level GeoIP database that ships with Tor to map an IP address to a country code, and then map the country code to latitude and longitude with a separate database built into Vidalia.
  • Add a -DUSE_GEOIP build option to enable building with MaxMind's GeoIP C library for using a local city-level or country-level database instead of Tor's database. See README.geoip for details on use.

New Linux packaging of Tor and Vidalia now available

As announced here,, we now produce rpms and debs of Tor and Vidalia for easier installation.

When using ubuntu, opensuse, fedora, centos/redhat, or debian, you can simply add our repositories to your package management application (yum, apt, apttitude, zypper, etc) and always have the latest -stable or -alpha tor and vidalia.

This is a direct result of hiring Erinn in December.

Tor Browser Bundle 1.1.11 Released

An updated Tor Browser Bundle is released to address the Firefox 3.0.7 security issues. It includes:

  • Update Firefox to 3.0.8
  • Add Italian language bundles
  • Update Torbutton to 1.2.1
  • Update Vidalia to 0.1.12

This updated TBB can be downloaded from as the "zero install bundle".

Technology Preview: Marble and Vidalia-0.2.0

One of the most requested upgrades to Vidalia is a better map of the world. We looked into a few different technologies and decided on KDE's Marble interface. Marble enables an accurate mapping of nodes according to their geolocation, allows for future enhancements such as "click a country to start or end your Tor circuit", and plugins for extra data views. This also gives us the ability to use Qt's Webkit browser to display custom information about nodes, circuits, or anything else in a pop-up window. An anonymous funder covered the costs involved in developing this feature. We thank them for their support. read more »

Tor Browser Bundle 1.1.9 Released

Tor Browser Bundle 1.1.9 is released.

It includes the following changes:

Update Tor to
Update Firefox to 3.0.6
Update Vidalia to 0.1.11

It's available at

October 2008 Progress Report

We continued enhancements to the Chinese and Russian Tor website translations. We also have a second Chinese translator for the website now, so hopefully we will get more prompt translations there. Our Farsi translation from this summer is slowly becoming obsolete; we should solve that at some point.

We added a new "30 second summary" web page for Tor:
and a new "easy download" page since the original is so complex:

In the upcoming Vidalia 0.2.0 development release:
- Support changing UI languages without having to restart Vidalia.
- Updated Czech, Polish, Romanian and Turkish translations.

In the upcoming Vidalia 0.1.10 stable release:
- Add a prettier dialog for prompting people for their control port password that also includes a checkbox for whether the user wants Vidalia to remember the entered password, a Help button, and a Reset button (Windows only).
- Fix a crash bug that occurred when the user clicks 'Clear' in the message log toolbar followed by 'Save All'.
- Uncheck the Torbutton options by default in the Windows bundle installer if Firefox is not installed.
- Add an Windows bundle installer page that warns the user that they should install Firefox, if it looks like they haven't already done so.

It looks like Australia is soon to be joining the ranks of countries with a nationwide filtering regime:

We finished the first iteration of our auto-updater spec:
We detail our current auto-updater progress below. read more »

September 2008 Progress Report

Vidalia 0.1.9 (released September 2) fixes a big pile of bugs and inconveniences in the earlier releases. This new release marks the first "stable" release of Vidalia, in that we have now branched into a stable (0.1.x) branch and a development (0.2.x) branch.

Tor (released September 3) addresses two potential anonymity issues, starts to fix a big bug we're seeing where in rare cases traffic from one Tor stream gets mixed into another stream, and fixes a variety of smaller issues.

Tor (released September 30) further improves performance and robustness of hidden services, starts work on supporting per-country relay selection, and fixes a variety of smaller issues.

Circumvention Enhancements
From the Vidalia 0.1.9 ChangeLog:
"Correct the location of the simplified Chinese help files so they will actually load again."

From the Tor ChangeLog:
"Start work to allow node restrictions to include country codes. The syntax to exclude nodes in a country with country code XX is "ExcludeNodes {XX}". Patch from Robert Hogan. It still needs some refinement to decide what config options should take priority if you ask to both use a particular node and exclude it."
This feature should allow users in China to specify that they don't want to enter (and/or exit) in China, which in theory could provide stronger security for them.

From the Tor ChangeLog:
"Allow ports 465 and 587 in the default exit policy again. We had rejected them in, because back in 2005 they were commonly misconfigured and ended up as spam targets. We hear they are better locked down these days." read more »

July 2008 Progress Report


Torbutton 1.2.0rc5 (released July 6) provides improved addon compatibility, better preservation of Firefox preferences that we touch, fixing issues with Tor toggle breaking for some option combos, and an improved 'Restore Defaults' button. This version also features Firefox 3 cookie jar support, and support for storing cookie jars in memory.

Vidalia 0.1.6 (released July 8) fixes a bug introduced in 0.1.3 that could cause excessive CPU usage or crashing on some platforms; continues to prepare Vidalia's strings for easier translation; adds a Romanian GUI and installer translation; and updated the Farsi, Finnish, French, German, and Swedish translations.

Tor (released July 8) fixes two big bugs with using bridges, fixes more hidden-service performance bugs, and fixes a bunch of smaller bugs.

Torbutton 1.2.0rc6 (released July 12) features fixes for a nasty history loss bug, an exception during Tor toggle, javascript being disabled in some tabs, better pref handling, and more.

Tor (released July 15) is the first stable release of the 0.2.0.x branch. The previous stable branch (0.1.2.x) went stable in April of 2007. We are still waiting for Torbutton and Vidalia to stabilize before announcing the Windows and OS X packages on the or-announce announcements
list. We expect to do that in August.

Tor Browser Bundle 1.1.1 (released July 20) updates Vidalia to release 0.1.6, updates Pidgin Portable to 2.4.3, updates Pidgin OTR plugin to 3.2, updates Tor to, updates Torbutton to 1.2.0rc6, and sets TZ=UTC environment variable in RelativeLink (needed by Torbutton). read more »

Vidalia Logo Design Contest

We are currently sponsoring a design contest to create a new logo for Vidalia. The winner of the contest will receive a $250 USD cash prize. The firm deadline for contest submissions is August 22, 2008.

The logo will be used in the Vidalia software and related installers, on the website, and on t-shirts. Designers are free to choose any fonts, color combinations, and symbol options you like (no onions, though, please). The logo must include a symbolic component that is recognizable by itself without the name "Vidalia" next to it. See the contest page for more details. If you have further questions, please email or stop by #vidalia on

Here's the overall timeline for the contest:

  • August 15 – August 22: Entries may be submitted at the Worth1000 contest page.
  • August 23 – August 24: Everyone is welcome to review the submissions received and vote on their favorite design. Even if you didn't submit anything, you can still vote!

  • August 25 – August 31: The final winner will be announced by August 31 at the latest.

Late entries will not be eligible for the cash prize, so be sure to get your
submission in by August 22!

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