I appreciate the information but some how this does not solve any issues. If an alpha edition will for sure break a major related package within the same family why release it then?

The on the sandbox riddle, the last time it was released I spent a couple of days trying to figure out how to make it work. I have no other interest in any of the necessay packages to sandbox anything else. bwrap flatpak firejail (I did eventually got a firefox working in firejail). Zero. Between this team and the debian team there are NO INSTRUCTIONS WHAT SO EVER than lead to make any of this work. This time I will end the effort after the first day. Why is that we need to do a 2 dissertation research for each and every single command line? Before our brain turns to a noodle between the 1001 open tabs of conflicting instructions or lack there of, to find 1 command line that actually returns a meaningful outcome or a interpretative error message.

For those of us that security may be a need to address but are neither programmers or developers some instructions in normal peoples' english (or even other languages) helps tremendously. I urge you to find the next person in random in your environment and ask them to check your suggested links and see what they say and whether they can make somthing work.

Is it only me?

No wonder people can not leave the windows/apple worlds as this other world is very hostile to non programmers and non-native-C speakers. And I go back to ultrix/unix years which many of you may only find in a museum.


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