Some rotten cop do the same (hiding their personal & illegal habits by this way) - even if this story could seem interesting for yourself ( i thing it is a bullshit) i would like insist on 2 important things :
* ask a contract
* ask to be payed
= Now you know why and how much you are valued : money is the right weight.

** ask their name & take their photo, ask someone else to be present , afaik working or accepting a job is not illegal or secret - the recruitment is hard & complex and never done in a street or at a bar except in the spy-movies.
(secret service rarely recruit unstable or vulnerable person- it is in almost all the case the opposite)
i would like add that "informant" is the downiest job given by a police force to a citizen so it is certainly more an insult than a compliment (like spoiling a code or implementing a backdoor). .


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