You are wrong on at least one point: Tor is not a "VPN".

You make some other strong claims without presenting any evidence or even plausibility arguments.

Both the Snowden leaks (valid thru spring 2013) and the Vault 7 leaks (valid thru fall 2016) show that USIC (and presumably cryptanalysis done by rival alliances) probably are not close to "breaking" Tor or strong crypto generally; rather, spooks continue to rely on breaking into computers/devices/networks using common vulnerabilities in browsers, routers, etc.

If a mole had successfully snuck a "backdoor" broadly defined (e.g. subtly broken crypto) into Tor these leaks (for future leaks) would likely reveal this. This in itself would be an argument inside USIC not to even try to sneak in a backdoor.

Not that Tor Project should assume they won't try even though that would probably not be very smart-- at any time our enemies might become desperate, without notice to us.


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