I see that around middle of September 2016 about 1 thousand bridges suddenly disappeared, then reappeared, and then disappeared again and started to grow monotonically and linearly (it looks even more artificial if you observe it from the perspective of the graph for last years):
What is this? Do they all belong to the same entity? It is also strange that during 2015 the amount of bridges was only decreasing.

Moreover, I see that during 2013 amount of Tor relays was continuously growing, in total the amount was increased 1.5 times. The same is true for 2014. However, during last 2 years the amount of Tor relays is almost the same. How it can happen in natural circumstances? In addition, during the half of 2015 the amount of relays was only decreasing:

I think people knowing statistics theory would say it is quite improbable behavior. Natural dependence should be close to logarithm, but what we see is very far from that.


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