But we cannot assume James Comey is not lobbying hard to change that.

Comey stated in a recent speech that he intends to serve out his ten year term, which would carry him into the (barf) second DJT administration. But Comey is so diminished politically speaking that it could actually benefit the People if against expectation he manages to hang onto his job for another 6.5 years. Back in the Clinton administration, for better or worse, Freeh assured that FBI remained crippled by also hanging onto his job despite being "frozen" out of the rest of the administration. If Comey stays, this could buy us more time to use encryption to keep ourselves, our friends, our clients, and our families safer from our governments.

Thanks to all Tor and Tails people for your work!

@ GK:

This is more Debian than Tor relevant, but in view of the "evil maid" implications in the Vault7 leak, please help me convince Debian Project to fix the backdoor in LUKS encryption!


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