OP here.

Yes, I've read y'alls anon responses to my query but only gk's replies can be accepted as authentic by m'self.

Thanks, gk!

This simply means that I'm gonna hafta dl a GUI enabled Linux version to an external hdd and so use Linux as an additional OS for a Linux based TBB. Neva mind. I got 6 months to figger the how out.

As for XP now being " a 17 years old OS riddled with security vulnerabilities..." I guess that depends only on which sites one interacts with, not so?

The only hassle I can anticipate is spending more time backing up folders in the event of a system failure. In 2015 Verbatim was offering a 7 year warranty on its 1tb external hdd but sadly, such items are not permitted in my country.

@ gk

Just a passing thought... but both Mozilla and y'selves interact with a large (in the hundreds of millions) XP community. See


for detail.

How will this issue affect y'alls collective futures?

I can go where I like onna www and my laptop - Japanese made- is soooo reliable. I reformatted it in early 2014 and I still don't see the need for any upgrades.

It's not like I'm a rocket scientist planning to put someone onto Mars an' I desperately need the latest doodads to so do. I have a monthly 2Gb data cap and I'm hard-pressed to utilize it all.

I jus' don't see the sense of upgrading to Win 10/11/12/13 whatever in order to accommodate a web browser.

Any marketing wonk thinking/hoping/praying I'm now gonna be compelled to embrace the latest Windows or Apple offering is vaping the wrong stuff!

I thankfully avoided all the hassles associated with Vista, Win7, 8 and 10. And when I eventually do upgrade, the new OS - personal computers and autos - will all be thought-controlled.

Until then, y'all, stay well...


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