> XP is now a 17 years old OS riddled with security vulnerabilities

Just to support the point that cautious netizens tend to avoid using TBB under Windows, or at least very old versions of Windows:

The Vault 7 wiki of CIA malware just published by Wikileaks includes a long list of attacks on (often old versions of) Windows, but not very much on Linux (outside embedded platforms).

Not to imply that Linux users should rest easy, of course, just that all things considered, the preponderance of evidence available to the public would seem to encourage citizens concerned about privacy and data security to move to Linux (and to keep their systems up to date, to avoid installing unsigned software, to use TBB for browsing, to pay attention to valid security bulletins, and so on). Similar remarks hold for MacOS users (Vault 7 also lists some zerodays affecting Mac users).


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