Is the Tor network still relevant to the general public?

Far as I can see, it's mostly used to shield the activities of drug dealers and paedophiles. Am I wrong?

The few others which use it for political activism against repressive regimes will soon be stymied as a consequence of Mozilla/TorBrowserBundle excluding Microsoft's venerable XP OS after September 2017.

XP has been the OS choice of activists almost since its inception due to its ubiquity, simplicity and reliability. Later MS systems (Win10, various handheld gadgets etc) sold in dictatorships such as China, Russia and many Asian and African nations must comply with governmental modifications- modifications not only to the newest devices but also monitor and censor of the network of their local isps.

Also, exchange rate issues in these tyrannical and despotic regimes militate against the acquisition of more modern equipment -whether over the counter or via a smugglers route.

I daresay this also applies to the USA and EU to some degree -but there the various democratic movements have ensured that such "modifications" are strictly controlled by legislative authorities to only combat global terrorism.


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