I sense an important opportunity for Tor Messenger to win some friends in the US Congress (one place where Tor needs to find new friends, and fast, because Comey is coming for us):

Provider Secure Messaging May Encourage Patient Communication
A recent study found that providers utilizing healthcare secure messaging may affect how their patients use the same communication tools.
Secure messaging usage may improve if providers utilize it more often, study finds.
10 Apr 2017

> Healthcare providers may have a positive impact in how patients utilize secure messaging, according to a recent study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR). Provider secure messaging levels can predict their patients’ communicative behavior, researchers explained.

> The research team reviewed healthcare and secure messaging records of more than 81,000 US Army soldiers and approximately 3,000 clinicians with access to a patient portal system. “In this study, we demonstrated that among US Army soldiers, increased provider-initiated and provider-response messaging were associated with statistically-significant increases in the adjusted probability of patient-initiated secure messaging,” researchers wrote. “We also demonstrated that provider-response messaging had a much larger impact on patient messaging than provider-initiated messaging.” Specifically, patients who had providers that were highly responsive to other patients’ messages initiated 334 percent more secure messages than patients with providers who did not personally respond to other patients’ messages.

("334 percent more" is a classically bad way to state a statistical result. The researchers probably meant to say soldiers whose providers supported secure messaging used messaging to communicate with providers 4.3 times more often than soldiers whose providers do not support secure messaging.)

The crucial point to make to lawmakers is that TM is trivially easy to install and use.


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