Sorry this post doesn't make much sense to me.

Why this "PascalCoin"? Does it have anything to do with a name system at all? It would take enornous effort to modify the codebase to work as a name system, as opposed to using an API like NameCoin's. And why does the language matter? Other than the fact that most of Tor devs already use C and JS and not Pascal.

Having the Tor directories do the lookups is an interesting idea. You'd have to trust them, and I don't know what the anonymity implications would be. You could do remote lookups for any other name system, like NameCoin, too.

I2P is not far ahead of Tor here. The I2P name system is actually kind of silly when you look at how it works. It's really nothing more than a remote replicated "hosts" file. It is not globally unique. And it has practical issues, for example names can never be freed for reuse, even if their private key is destroyed. It's a gimmick compared to NameCoin.


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