>One problem is that the browser has to remember this mapping, and in Tor Browser that mapping could be used to track or correlate you.
Indeed you should never let websites access your "address book". Sites will simply have to link to resources by full onion domain.

I can only recommend a proper pet name system (who knows how hard it is to securely implement that on top of any modern browser). Or namecoin only because it's less bad than DNS and lots of people would use it for free DNS and NAT bypass with short route hidden sites.

>pet name system anything less than most usable
I have no idea why people still believe this but it's not in my interest to argue with them.

>Idea 3) Embed onion addresses in SSL certificates
>Idea 4) Embed onion addresses in DNS/DNSSEC records

>web of trust based name sharing
see http://longpoke.github.io/f37c5de221cb361db07f046b31047f329ddb2ca2fe3ab5b674c858a6686c5151.html


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