NoScript: how long will it be pushed up our throats by the various anonymity products like Tor Browser, Tails, etc.?

Just open the advanced (about:config) settings in TorBrowser/Firefox and do a search on the word "NoScipt". You'll see some exception URLs, some local directory/file paths, some unique IDs... There are more of them than in the past. One weird ID value is said to be user-assigned, yet I didn't set it. Did you?

Was it in the past AdBlock's blog - an article about the NoScript's malicious and deceptive operation in the past?
Can you trust it without the code review? Is anyone going to audit it, or continue assuming it's OK for anonymity?

Various agencies probably delight in the TorBrowser community using this mysterious NoScript for so long. Or is it perhaps an agenda? Yes, low priority, not enough people/time, etc.

uMatrix as an alternative, per Rise-up advice? It may not have the whatever "ClearClick" defense, but is more open and seems to have a better reputation. So far.


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