> "Can you trust [NoScript] without the code review? Is anyone going to audit it, or continue assuming it's OK for anonymity?"

Whom ever told you that is spreading false information

The NoScript extension contains the source code. You just need to unzip it. The whole source code is publicly available in every each XPI.

From the author Giorgio's:
- - -
"This topic was about the availability of a public version-controlled repository, not about the availability of the source code or the validity of its GPL, which is not "a claim", but the license NoScript is released under not just on AMO or my website, but in several GNU Linux distributions including the source-only Gentoo."
"You've got it on your hard disk right now, if you're a NoScript user, otheriwise you can download it here."
"You can examine and/or modify it by unzipping the XPI and the JAR inside, and "building" it back by rezipping both.
It's been like that for ever, since the very first version."
- - -
See Giorgio's reply at http://forums.informaction.com/viewtopic.php?p=9212#p9212




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