Projects from Google Summer of Code 2022

by gaba | May 29, 2022

We are happy that the Tor Project is again participating in Google Summer of Code. Mentorship programs are very important for open source projects as they help us have one more way of bringing new contributors to our projects. Starting in June this year we will have the following mentors and their projects working with a contributor from Google Summer of Code:

Tor Weather: Improving the Tor network by Sarthik Gupta

This project will bring back Tor Weather. It is an email notification service that relay operators can subscribe to and choose which notifications they want to receive about their relay.

OONI Probe Network Experiments: Detecting TLS Middleboxes and Port-based Blocking

This project is about researching and developing new network experiments to be integrated inside the OONI Probe CLI. The contributor will write network measurements code and unit/integration tests for OONI's measurement engine.

Tor Project: OONI Explorer & Design System Improvements

This project will improve OONI Explorer. Specifically improvements on the OONI Explorer country pages to enrich them with data coming from new experiments and make use of new backend API calls to display more rich information about blocking. Moreover this work will entail modernizing the code base, improving the user interface, fixing usability issues, and writing more unit/integration tests.

The contributors will start working with the Tor Project and OONI in the next few weeks.


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