All Are Welcome at Tor’s Open Hack Days

by tommy | September 20, 2017

Photo by Taxiarchos228. License: CC BY 3.0.

Next month in Montreal, Tor folks from around the world will be convening to discuss the future of Tor as an organization and designing the protocols and features that we want to see in the future. As part of this meeting, we’re also having two open hack days everyone is welcome to join.

The open hack days will take place October 14-15 at the Holiday Inn Centre-ville Ouest in Montreal from roughly 10am-5pm. On the evening of the 14th, there will be a relay operator meetup at 7pm.

Like previous Tor open hack days, these are opportunities for developers and non-technical folks alike to come and hang out with some of the Tor team. You can learn more about Tor, hack on your latest project, or just meet some cool folks who are also interested in free and open source software, online privacy, and free expression.

These days are open to everyone, irrespective of your level of technical skill. If you’re interested in contributing to Tor (either by volunteering or through our currently open paid positions) this is also a great time to learn more about what we’re up to and start contributing.

These events, like all Tor events, run on our participant guidelines. So, bring your ideas and questions, and we look forward to hanging and hacking with you!


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September 20, 2017


as user , i do not understand you (it is not debatable) :
- OCSP & no calomel addon implemented
- no DANE (debatable_obsolete & discontinued & relay at a third party)
- no update of ricochet (debatable_it is not a tor project _the dev does not want to be involved in tor project)
- no translation of the topics/posts of your blog (a lot of misunderstood _ some post are porno & promote murder & torture but you do not see it and some topics are hypocrite : cuba e.g.).
il y a des choses choquantes qui dénote un esprit faible, lent ;
exemple frappant : le bug d'https/TOR qui n'est pas reconnu après de nombreux posts.
- your rules are more dynamic & egoist than at a hacker camp : do you know that we are not paid & we are not working for you ? ( i, i know that the u.s.a educate by the jail : strange concept of a republic.).
- does Tor, your work, are for the american only ? it looks that you are not ready for an international movement , for creating a community ; i though it was one of your challenge.
- why do you not promote tor where usa fail ? ( sharing is the best way toward humanity & prosperity ).
- why have you not the support of your own country ? (server seized e.g. , hackers arrested etc.)
- why you do not admit that a comment is the voice of some hundred, thousand of users ?
- why do you let speak about usa problem exclusively ? (racism, ouba-ouba, the rich & the poor, harassment of a female, gays & cop etc. these ideas are from '50 ... old sick u.s mind ... + 2017 : repeating always the same thing during 67 years is tiring for the others & is not constructive).
- why are you not sponsored by a beer/milk/bread/hamburger/coffee shop brand ? (i never saw your logo on one of their product.).
it is cold at montreal - une soupe à l'oignon - svp.

September 21, 2017


My desire is that you ditch mozilla+google and build a unique browser that does not require numerous settings to be changed to make it secure.

And apart from that: the goal is _not_ to maintain a browser fork (forever). We should not need to be in such a position in the first place We want to get rid of the fork by having all our needs solved in an upstream browser. That way we can focus both on other anonymity/censorship related things and millions of other (upstream) browser users would get the same defenses. Both of that is helping more in the long run than sticking to a browser fork forever.

you desire is a microsoft joint-venture.
TBB is a browser not a ecologic, smart & fun toy : it is at the opposite of your perverse idea , ' build a unique browser that does not require numerous settings to be changed to make it secure'.
- mozilla & google do not care of the challenge & users : they make money.
- asking to them should be easier but should it be the same TBB ?
- you can yourself built your own browser or try another like chrome/opera + a vpn of your choice.
- TBB is for a very small number of persons _ maybe few millions_ who do want a privacy:anonymity on the net ; it can be done only making by oneself step by step, correcting error by error ... for a whole package "pay & cash" for the life : you should try windows.

September 22, 2017


TBB and Tor exit node

Confirm Password:


Fill in Username/Password, click create account, this error page results

Submission rejected as potential spam

Account registration failed (EmailCheck: You must specify a valid email address., RegExpCheck: The email address specified appears to be invalid. Please specify a valid email address.)
Failed CAPTCHA (Recaptcha) attempts

There was no email field or CAPTCHA!

How do you report bugs with Tor if the registration form is broken?

September 22, 2017


well we want communicate between us without the monitoring of nsaciafbi and so long we want our own because on day they will close this one internet ... we want to be free to communicate between us...not under the eyes of big brother

September 22, 2017


How about forking the electron based Beaker Browser? Offers decent funrionality as is. Should be fairly strait forward to harden.

> Heyo Beaker Browser : test it and write a review !
- no reviews
- no audit
- experimental (do not use it ; it is in alpha stage for reporting bug)
- peer to peer (nothing to do with onion)
- allow torrent (no anonymity)
- unknown privacy guide lines (you are under dev own privacy rules)
- no connection with the opinions of the users
- unknown team (no reputation)
- not included in the most distribution (not yet but who knows ?)
- not the same goal, perspective than Tor
- peer to peer app
- untrust
- looks like a business plan ( hmm... honeypot ? falsehood ? escrow ? another proton scam ?)
- not designed anonymity in mind : depends on your p2p network & ssl/keys ( fake ?)
- fun tool for microsoft & p2p in clear net !
- it smells compromised team like another switzerland/german product (scoundrel ?)l

September 23, 2017


Hmmm....After reading a few comments i have to says this.

Be aware there are state actors actively trying to undermine this project. Be mindful of what people are saying. Being paranoid is not a bad thing when working on such a high profile project. Yes, they do not want us to know that they consider this project a problem for them.

i use this tool (tbb) but i notice that too many few people are like me.
- have you saw the message on startpage (washington_net neutrality manifest) ?
- the heart of internet is electricity : big business (in the usa, see general electric, source : mepis dev).
- the agreement with microsoft at paris was the ambassador of the joint-venture between cia (general electric opa) & e.u like the agreement between canada & e.u is an another door for the cia becoming owner of one important resource food:service/good:price.
- it is the reason why the strategy of the two players (e.u & u.s.a.) is the same : running always the downiest politics rules giving always less rights to the opponents : a struggle, an opposition cannot be done without a minimum of health_freedom_rights_stability.
it is not a matter of espionage, large & high ambition, hidden economic plan, secret files, war, peace, opinion : it is a banker decision.

* u.k (the little england) has a submarine cable : it is slave complex not a contract between allies/friends.

i do not think they consider Tor as a problem.

the danger is the fact that a lot of people are insane & mentally retarded on the both side :
- Gov_on one side , needs the adhesion of the people coming from different communities/social class.
- Tor_on the other side , needs the support of a lot of different actors coming from different countries/school/horizon.

Tor is not a danger for the world and does not work in the same vital space than the economists/speculators.

Plus one. I also have the impression that well-funded (but not too technically able) state-sponsored actors with our community harm.

At Montreal, even participants with no CS background can perhaps help by sorting recent submitted posts into "human" or "not"; someone with a data science background can then train a neural net to help weed out posts submitted to blogs like this by state-sponsored spambots.

i do not understand your pidgin but that is i could answer :
- it is opened for everybody ( excluding is a management error like forcing a people to go in a wrong direction).
- sorting posts or participants according on their true value is a puerile idea.
- filtering like a guard in front of a golden door the bad & the good is (only bad wins at this game) an opportunity given to the slave for finding their master.
- spambots/sponsored actors have the same right than yourself : that's the net.
-if all the answers & responses were in a machine brain ; i should not write for & to human being.

> Plus one

Oops, my mistake; "plus one" refers to the statement:

> Be aware there are state actors actively trying to undermine this project.