Announcing the Tor Browser User Manual

The community team is excited to announce the new Tor Browser User Manual!

The manual is currently only available in English. We will be adding more languages in the near future, as well as adding the manual to Transifex.

During the creation of this manual, community feedback was requested over various mailing lists / IRC channels. We understand that many people who read this blog are not part of these lists / channels, so we would like to request that if you find errors in the manual or have feedback about how it could be improved, please open a ticket on our bug tracker and set the component to "community".

This manual is part of an ongoing effort to foster wider adoption of Tor, and provide better support to all users, new and old. We'll soon have some more exciting new developments to share about our user support efforts, so stay tuned.

Thanks for using Tor!


November 02, 2016


more users , more safer.
* in the customization area , i add the option "home". i do not know if this option resets the nodes:relays.


November 03, 2016


Why isn't it available in pdf, for download?

I mean, if access to Tor servers is cut off by the government, how will an ONLINE manual help???

Would also be great if the blog got an onion address as well!

I mean, it's ridiculous: I go to the main Tor page at its onion address, want to read a blog post and then am immediately thrown out of the onion site into the plain old ""... ???

There's a very great and popular HTML to PDF and vice versa converter that you can find on github, it wouldn't be that difficult to use it to create a PDF


November 04, 2016


Good work: clear, easy, wide.

Just a couple of suggestions to make it even better (for me):
- it could be useful a paragraph explaining which files tor writes on the disk where's installed and/or the local OS and if they are encrypted or plain text (for ppl who could face forensic).
- a chapter on how to install and use tor on an (encrypted) usb flash drive, esp targeted at private browsing from public PCs.

Thank you

Don't run Tor Browser off USB on public PCs. Reboot them from TAILS( USB instead.

I get a "a plugin is needed to display this content" for the visualization at

Please use a image instead.

Does it make sense to use the tor browser bundle in combination with microsoft's EMET technology or is it counter productive? (could for example influence tbb's speed of executing js and thereby make the tbb more trackable?)

No it does not. Use Tor with TAILS and/or QubesOS/GenodeOS. Never use Windows again.

Well done ! precise, concise and beautiful.

well done good job... how about basic hidden service manual

- basic web server
- other ways to create and use hidden service

Someone used your organization to infiltrate my computer and is now holding my files hostage. I have never heard of your organization, nor do I want to download your browser. please provide me with a solution or I will contact the FBI.

Sounds like you've been infected with ransomware. :( This has nothing to do with Tor.

See this link for some help:…

[Second attempt to comment]

User manual: good idea.

PDF: plus one.

What advice can Tor Project offer if, as seems almost certain, the US Congress fails to stop the changes to Rule 41 from becoming law in the USA. That will affect everyone everywhere in the world, especially Tor users, because the changes encourage FBI to attack any computer (or all computers) anywhere in the world.

There is a fine line between illicit access to data and destruction of data (or devices, or networks) because FBI (or any other attacker) can never be certain of the consequences of exploiting some software vulnerability to improperly access a device owned by someone other than FBI. So these changes will also dramatically increase the risks of escalating cyberwarfare.

This is great news, although I get around and do my thing, some (well, a lot) of the finer points I'm totally unaware of as I just don't use them. I am sure this will help in so many ways, thanks for all the effort to all those concerned.

Dithering 60 year old.

Kial tiu ĉi manlibreto kaj la tuta projekto Tor estas ĉefe en anglaĉa lingvo anstataŭ en Esperanto? Kial la Tor-foliumilo estas havebla en la lingvo kiu apartenas nur al angloj, anstataŭ en Lingvo Internacia?

A crucial point about making anonymity tools available to everybody is translation. It should be made an absolute priority to TorProject, specially in times of escalation of right -ring govs leading hard offensives on digital rights.

This is actually a question I would like to see discussed honestly. Why isn't Tor taking translation seriously?

Best regards!

The delay on translations is to allow the wider community time to submit feedback, before handing the document to translators.

Our translation community is volunteer based, so we do our best to be respectful of their time and avoid having them translate things until we are confident there wont be immediate large changes.

i totally agree, with the immediate submission in so called English after all the English is also done voluntary as well. so there for with the same heart for any non-english tor passionate followers will contribute to translate for humankind.

we are all in it together ! language is no barrier in the end.

let all pull together and no language will be an barrier to our collective aim with the tor project.

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to the manual. It is your help that Tor Browser is more accessible now.

I have finished the work of translating the current version of the manual into Simple Chinese. I'm going to move it to transifex as soon as it is available. For those who would like to take a look at the draft, please go to my blog:


translation is useless as soon as the steps & explanations are clear & short.

all this freedom tech for is becoming a bigger trouble to the angry hegemons by the day so things like the make hardened-tbb default and put that into tails and quantum resistant crypto etc is very important too but as usual its always all experimental software hardware networks etc and keep all that in mind yes

Maybe the Manual should have a OpSec section (maybee like "How Tor uses get busted")

I made a obfs4 bridge on my VPS recently.Can I establish a tor relay in the same VPS?Please