Announcing the Tor Store

by phobos | March 29, 2010

We've teamed up with Printfection to offer you a chance to support Tor, enhance your wardrobe, and get people to ask you, "what's with the onion?" We support many styles of mens and womens t-shirts right now, in all 31 colors Printfection offers. If you have made your own graphics, let us know and we'll add it to the store.

Printfection will ship globally and only uses your data to ship your order.

Casey Shorr, the CEO of Printfection, says,

"The Tor Project is leveraging Printfection's on-demand merchandise fulfillment technology to engage their supporters and generate additional revenue to help protect anonymity online. We're proud to be associated with such an important project."

The Tor Store can be found at The full press release is here,….



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April 04, 2010


I really want to help Tor, but I have problems finding other independent sources to confirm Tor is safe protecting user's information. It would only make sense to help Tor if real protection to users details exists.
This article, for an example:… - says it is dangerous for users. I know it is an old publication (2006), and I am not a computer / code / security specialist but I guess it is more dangerous to think that you are safe than to know you are in danger.
There is very little information written by experts outside Tor pages. Can you advise on sources I could read?
I think it would be a great idea to get some business CTO's and university professors to express their fellings about Tor.

April 04, 2010


Sorry, but these T-shirts are not something I'd wear unless I was going to a geek-oriented event. Tacking on the logo of a cool project on a shirt does not necessarily make good swag. The onion itself would be cool, or perhaps a stylized form of it.

An artist creating something for a Tor t-shirt could leverage its 'badass' image among the tech crowd, as it is often associated with dissidents in Iran and China.

We release early and often. This is a start. I hope others come up with logos, designs, and things they want to see exist and send them to us. If it's CC-BY licensed, we'll print it.