Arm Release 1.4.0

by atagar | December 1, 2010

After over a year it's about time that I announced an arm release so here it is! What's new since August of 2009, you ask? Lots. The project has been under very active development, continuing to add usability improvements to make relay operation nicer and less error prone. If you're really curious what I've been up to this last year then it's all available in the change log.

For those unfamiliar, arm is a terminal monitor for Tor relays and, to a growing extent, end users. It provides:

  • resource usage (bandwidth, cpu, and memory usage)
  • general relaying information (nickname, fingerprint, flags, or/dir/controlports)
  • event log with optional regex filtering and deduplication
  • connections correlated against tor's consensus data (ip, connection types, relay details, etc)
  • an editor to quickly alter Tor's configuration
  • torrc configuration file with syntax highlighting and validation

and quite a bit more via a curses interface. For screenshots and downloads visit:

Peter and I are currently working on getting its debs in shape so hopefully this'll soon be available via repositories for Debian and Ubuntu too. RPM builds are available, though I don't have a test system so beware: there be dragons (possibly).

If there's any python hackers out there interested in dabbling in a bit of Tor UI development, then I'd love to have some company. Suggestions, bug reports and feedback are also be very welcome. Cheers! -Damian


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December 01, 2010


Would be nice to get dd-wrt / open-wrt guys onto this then you would have a huge test base as lots of dd-wrt users have requested this on their routers.

December 03, 2010


In the light of today's news, I wonder when Wikileaks is going to realise that there are ways of hosting data beyond doing it on Amazon...keep up the good work.

December 10, 2010


Hello, can anybody just tell me if I use tor with firefox portable and NoScript, is it safe to keep cookies to auto-login or it unmasks me? Thanks!

December 10, 2010


Anyone, please tell me, is it safe to save cookies and download pictures in Firefox portable in Tor (also Im using NoScript) o it unmask me?

February 21, 2011


I cannot install it :-(
I have downloaded the gz file for Debian and after extracting the content I've run "arm". and it always asked me for any password even I have ran it with sudo...
What password is it asking for? ^^

Thanks for reply.

It's asking for the controller password. Either you've set HashedControlPassword in your torrc or you're running Vidalia and it set a random password (in which case you need to set a static password in the settings).

March 04, 2011


How do I change new identity with Arm (similar like there is a button in Vidalia) ?
As far I could explore Arm, it looks just like monitor only, no controller to anything manage (except some small thing like reload torrc etc.) or am I wrong ? There is not a lot of documentation about it either... :-\