Arm Release 1.4.4

by atagar | September 26, 2011

Hi all. A new release of arm is now available. Besides the normal batch of bug fixes and minor features this includes an interactive interpretor for raw control port access.

This is intended to be a tool for developers, highly knowledgeable operators, and anyone that would like to learn about Tor's control protocol. It provides usability improvements like tab completion and history scroll-back, along with IRC style interpretor commands...

  • /help - provides usage information for all of the tor/interpretor commands and tor's configuration options
  • /info - queries relay information via fingerprint, nickname, or IP address
  • /find - searches the backlog for the given regex
  • /events - displays any events that we've listened for
  • /write - dumps the interpretor backlog to a file

This can both be used via a new page in the curses interface and as
a standalone prompt by running "arm --prompt".

Hopefully I'm not the only person that finds this to be useful! -Damian


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September 25, 2011


hai friends.please add in download page of tor the date of new release software,because it is hard to find which is new and it is hard to determine new version from it 's number.please add this date section also in email robot.thanks