Arti 1.1.1 is released: Groundwork for onion services

by nickm | February 1, 2023

Arti is our ongoing project to create an next-generation Tor client in Rust. In late November, we released Arti 1.1.0. Now we're announcing the next release in its series, Arti 1.1.1.

Since our last release, our primary focus has been preparation for onion service support in Arti. To that end, we've broken the work down into a bunch of tickets, designed our major internal APIs, and started to work on the lower-level features. There's nothing you can use here yet, but the work is coming!

We hope to deliver experimental support for onion service clients–then, support for running services later in the year. Finally, we will build the security features allow onion services and clients to be at least as safe as in C tor.

We've also made a number of other changes, including improved logging security, new convenience APIs, and better handling of some SOCKS requests. You can find a more complete list of changes in our CHANGELOG.

For more information on using Arti, see our top-level README, and the docmentation for the arti binary.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this release, including Alexander Færøy, coral, Dimitris Apostolou, Emil Engler, Jim Newsome, Michael van Straten, Neel Chauhan, and Trinity Pointard.

Also, our deep thanks to Zcash Community Grants for funding the development of Arti 1.1.1!


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