Arti 1.1.3 is released: More onion service development

by nickm | April 3, 2023

Arti is our ongoing project to create a next-generation Tor client in Rust. Now we're announcing the latest release, Arti 1.1.3.

Our primary focus remains: preparation for onion service support in Arti. We can now parse all of the relevant message types, build circuits as needed to target relays, build and sign onion service descriptors, and deliver onion service requests to our hsclient code.

We've also solved a few annoying bugs, made our CI more bulletproof against certain programming mistakes, and exposed a few missing APIs in our code.

There have been many smaller changes as well; for those, please see the CHANGELOG.

Our next areas of focus will be the remainder of onion service client support: downloading descriptors, making circuits to the right relays, and performing the correct handshakes.

In parallel, we're working on a prototype for our RPC/FFI interface, for non-Rust applications to use in working with Arti: We believe it's important to get experience with this interface early, so that we have time to react to developer feedback.

A small heads-up: We expect that our next release may be a day or two late, and will probably be a little smaller than usual, since many of us will be spending a week at an in-person meeting. The following release will return to our usual schedule.

For more information on using Arti, see our top-level README, and the docmentation for the arti binary.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this release, including Alexander Færøy, Dimitris Apostolou, Emil Engler, Saksham Mittal, and Trinity Pointard. Also, our welcome to Gabi Moldovan as she joins the team!

Finally, our deep thanks to Zcash Community Grants for funding the development of Arti!


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