Arti 1.1.8 is released: Onion service infrastructure

by nickm | September 5, 2023

Arti is our ongoing project to create a next-generation Tor client in Rust. Now we're announcing the latest release, Arti 1.1.8.

This release continues our work on support for onion services in Arti. It includes backend support for nearly all of the functionality needed to launch and publish an onion service and accept incoming requests from onion service clients. This functionality is not yet usable, however: we still need to connect it all together, test and debug it, and provide high-level APIs to allow the user to actually turn it on.

With this release, there have been many smaller and less visible changes as well; for those, please see the CHANGELOG.

For more information on using Arti, see our top-level README, and the documentation for the arti binary.

Thanks to everybody who's contributed to this release, including Emil Engler, Jim Newsome, Micah Elizabeth Scott, Saksham Mittal, and Trinity Pointard.

Also, our deep thanks to Zcash Community Grants and our other sponsors for funding the development of Arti!


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