New Tor Browser Bundles

The Tor Browser Bundles have been updated with a bunch of bug fixes.

Important note to Windows users: in the last release we enabled automatic port selection for Tor and this had very unexpected side effects on many Windows machines. It turns out that there are a number of consumer firewalls that don't like things connecting on high ports, which was the default. We're looking into smarter ways to handle this failure mode, but until we find one, we have reverted the behavior to using the previous static port. We're very sorry for the huge inconvenience this caused and hope you will find these bundles more bug-free! As ever, if you don't, please let us know.

Tor Browser Bundle (2.2.32-4)

    Windows fixes

    • Disable automatic port selection to accommodate Windows users with
      firewalls that don't allow connections or traffic on high ports (closes: #3952, #3945)

    Linux fixes

    • Fix Makefile to allow for automatic retrieval of Qt and libpng (closes: #2255)
    • Remove symlinks from tarball (closes: #2312)

    General fixes and updates

    • New Firefox patches
      • Prevent Firefox from loading all system plugins besides Flash (closes: #2826, #3547)
      • Prevent content-preferences service from writing website urls and their settings to disk (closes: #3229)
    • Update Torbutton to 1.4.3
      • Don't let Torbutton inadvertently enable automatic updating in Firefox (closes: #3933)
      • Fix auto-scroll on Twitter (closes: #3960)
      • Allow site zoom information to be stored (closes: #3928)
      • Make permissions and disk errors human-readable (closes: #3649)

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Hi erinn,
looking good so far, just dowloaded and worked :)
Running Win xp2 + Comodo firewall.
Will put it through it's paces and report back

Thanks for your tireless work.



Whas there a problem with the last TBB on Windows with Comodo? I ask because I'm using Windows SP3 with Comodo and never had a problem, re high ports with most recent TBB.

What version and model of Comodo are you using? I'm using the free firewall version 5.5.195786.1383 (no malware scanner, etc.).

When I download a new TBB I manually set the TBB files tor.exe, vadalia.exe and tbb-firefox.exe as trusted in Comodo via. "(right click tray icon) > Open > Firewall > Define a new trusted application > browse". While there, it's wise to stealth your ports. That is easy to do via. "Stealth Port Wizard > Block all incoming connections and make my ports stealth for everyone" (I don't run a node from my home so stealthing is simple).


Yes, lots and lots and lots of Comodo Firewall users could not get TBB to run. I don't think many of them tried your above solution, they just thought we broke TBB. :) (Which is fair, since it used to work without any configuration on their part.)

Hi Erin

I have 2 contributions - well 1 question and 1 potential bug:

1. Firefox Aurora is a pre-beta release of a particular version. Couldn't this pre-beta version have unknown bugs that affect Tor. Wouldn't it make more sense to stay with a fully stable, tested version of Firefox that would come after beta? What is the thinking behind this?

2. When you have multiple home screens seperated by a pipe | , they don't open correctly the first time the browser opens. Only the first one opens and the others fail to open.

TorButton 1.4.3 does not show icon or text on statusbar, even when option is set to show it. You can manually correct this until it is fixed (can someone fix it?) by adding #torbutton-panel { visibility: visible;} in your userchrome file.

(The error is that visibility is currently set to collapse.)

What platform are you on? If you rename the bundle directory and extract it again to a new location, are all the buttons still missing in both copies?

We're trying to diagnose a similar issue:, but it appears very random.

Hi Mike. Details that might help: Platform: Windows. Problem with regular extension installation (not TBB). Toolbar button looks fine. Statusbar item missing, even when configured via options to display. Setting in userchrome fixes problem.

Item in menus to enable/disable would be an improvement as well

Thank you for your work.

Can I just check out the v2.2 branch of torbrowser, or do I have to clone the entire repository. What I want is a git command line that can be added to

Yes, my git-fu is very weak.

Thank yiu.

You can do this:

git clone -b maint-2.2 torbrowser-maint-2.2.git

i am just wondering what is the mangle.exe in the app directory of firefox i can't seem to find this in firefox portable or the regular install of firefox I have verified the signature (ok) and also checked the hash on virustotal (clean) Thank you for your time and great software


It is something Mozilla builds by default, though a quick grep through the source does not tell me exactly what it does. I can look into that more later and get back to you.

I'm pretty sure that PortableApps is building their FirefoxPortable with Visual Studio 2005 which seems to create fewer files on average. We're building with Visual Studio 2008 (2005 is no longer available).

I'll see if there is a way to have fewer files though. I think mangle may be related to the crashreporter.

Thank You

Nice job.

I use an old Medion Akoya netbook. The last two iterations of the browser bundle would not work. Vidalia / Tor would start fine, but when the browser went to start, all three would shut down immediately.

2.2.32-4 works like a charm.

Many thanks to all for their on-going efforts.

Whew! Thanks for your patience.


Unfortunately, norton internet security 2010`s "Sonar Protection", blocked tor browser bundle again. When I clicked on "Start tor browser" in extracted directory, norton deleted the link.
I am using vidalia bundle, after configuring firefox 6.0.2 manually, with all adds-on disabled. My OS is windows vista, 32 bit, service pack 2.

Can you tell Norton to leave it alone?

"Prevent Firefox from loading all system plugins besides Flash"

So is it safe to use Flash? Does it route its traffic through Tor if used from within Tor Browser Bundles?

No, it is not safe to use Flash, but we needed to block all of the other system plugins from even loading at all. We're looking into ways to make Flash safe to use on all platforms, but it does some things that are hard to work around (and writes LSOs/supercookies to your harddrive, even with some settings pre-set). I'm planning to contact Adobe very soon to discuss our options in this regard.

Why, then, is Flash even included at all in TBB ?

It's not included.

But when the user goes to a page that wants flash, the page tells the user to install Flash. If the user *does* install flash, it still doesn't work because Torbutton blocks it. Then the user gets confused, because the page keeps telling him to do something that he already did.

Mike is trying to make it so if the user chooses to install Flash, it will work and still be safe.

It isn't included. If you don't have Flash installed on your computer, TBB will not give it to you. Normally Firefox will search several locations on your computer to locate all of the plugins available, then present them in the addons->plugins screen. With some about:config changes, they can be hidden from view of the user, but they still get detected/loaded into the browser, and a malicious attacker could use that to their advantage if they want to compromise a TBB user. As a separate (but also important) issue, some system plugins can outright crash Firefox -- this was an issue on some Linux systems where TBB Firefox would try to load and crash.

So basically, we don't want to load any system plugins ever, because we don't want users to use them. Flash is an exception in the sense that eventually we do want to allow users to use it, if we can provide access to it in a safe way (which really remains to be seen).

What about Chromium's sandboxing of NPAPI plugins, incl. flash? This may be worth looking into.

What's the Problem of with in WinXP-SP3?

Everything was fine before ZoneAlarm installation, except for 'vidalia.exe'-crash when we press 'Exit'-button on it that was not a critical issue

But now 'vidalia.exe' crashes at Start-Up despite presence or absence of 'ZoneAlarm' in memory
But it seems there is no conflict with 'tor.exe'

I've sent Err!-Report to you...

Note: One of 'ZoneAlarm' files mentioned below is Memory-Resident non-stop Win-Service:
"C:\Program Files\CheckPoint\ZAForceField\IswSvc.exe"
So, complete disabling of ZoneAlarm is somehow impossible!

It's an ancient conflict between many of older Ver.s of both in older OS-Ver.s but not all of...
Is there a day free from conflict?

Regards, Bahman

I just installed version 2.2.32-4, I'm on Windows 7. Am getting a page "Sorry. You are not using Tor."although everything indicates that I do. The Vidalia tray says I do, checking IP etc show that I do. Perhaps something I cannot see is not working properly?

You most probably happen to have been using an exit node that isn't yet updated on that opening page. If you right click on Vidalia and then choose "New Identity", then refresh the page, it should show green. Telling you that you're using Tor.

I too have experienced that issue from time to time.

I don't want to make it seem like you should be complacent, though. The big scary red text is there for a reason.


We had a temporary problem with's ability to recognize whether a given IP is a Tor exit relay. Should be fixed now. Sorry for the confusion -- it had nothing to do with the new TBB.

Something odd is happening that hasn't happened before. Sometimes when I go to the "Check Tor" url ( the web page says I'm not using Tor. However, everything else appears to be normal. Vidalia says I'm connected to Tor and my IP address shows a Tor connection. I also received for the first time the error message "Tried to establish rendezvous on non-OR or non-edge circuit." What does this mean?

I'm using Tor and Vidalia 0.2.12.

See my comments in response to the message above yours.

I used the jondonym anonymous test here

First of all it found out that the browser was trackable by e-tags. I had to go into about.config, and change this setting. browser.cache.memory.enable was set to true by default, so I changed it to false. That was then fixed. Shouldn't this be the default with the download though?

One more dangerous thing was found though, and I don't know how to fix it.

"Your referer is not faked. The next visited site learns from which web site you came from. Advertising services use this for building web surfer profiles. If you had visited a website that is linked to your identity before, this may even lead to your immediate deanonymization."

Is there a setting in tor or firefox to fix that? keeps saying sorry, not using tor (red). Button is green and Vidalia says connected to the Tor network. Using Tor Browser Bundle (2.2.32-4) for Linux.

We had a temporary problem with's ability to recognize whether a given IP is a Tor exit relay. Should be fixed now. Sorry for the confusion -- it had nothing to do with the new TBB.

Just to provide some feedback, I tried 2.2.32-3 and -4, and both said "You are NOT using Tor" when Aurora(?) started. I also looked around for a way to manually configure the proxy settings since Aurora seemed to have no HTTP proxy (still doesn't?) but I couldn't find that info published anymore, so I just downloaded different bundles until I found a working one. I grabbed 2.2.32-UNOFFICIAL-1 from the last version's thread, and it worked right away.

Using Win7 32-bit ultimate, behind a typical household router.

The service behind that guesses whether that IP address is a Tor exit is being flaky. I've changed it so it now answers either "yes" or "maybe".

Sorry for the confusion. This coincidence has nothing to do with your shiny new Tor Browser Bundles. :)

*** Related to previous post from 'Bahman' ***

It seems I do not miss Tor-Network but if I do in a strange-way from now on...

1st, I disabled & , so there was no evidence of 'ZoneAlarm' in work
But 'vidalia.exe' crashes...

Then, inevitably I uninstall 'ZoneAlarm' completely
But 'vidalia.exe' crashes again that was very odd!

Then I recalled that before installing 'ZoneAlarm', I was obliged to install the following Microsoft-Patch:

--- --- --- ---
+ Title: How to disable simple file sharing and how to set permissions on a shared folder in Windows XP
+ URL:
+ Size: 634 KB (649,728 bytes)
+ Title: Microsoft Fix it 50053 v2.1.0.1
+ Subject: Disable simple file sharing in Windows
+ Author: Microsoft Corporation ©
+ Keywords: KB307874
+ Revision Number: {0535E18F-EAB6-4B66-8843-2F8FC9792A20}
+ Let me fix it myself:
To disable simple file sharing yourself, follow these steps:
1. Click Start, and then click My Computer.
2. On the Tools menu, click Folder Options.
3. Click the View tab.
4. In the Advanced Settings section, click to clear the Use simple file sharing (Recommended) check box.
5. Click OK.
--- --- --- ---

But restoring back the tick-mark to 'Folder Options'->'View'->'Use simple file sharing (Recommended)' has no effect in solving problem

So, what is the problem?

Note to what happened:

When I run 'vidalia.exe',
1st I get 'Vidalia has encountered a problem and needs to close', but I don't close the window...
2nd I see 'vidalia.exe' continue working regardless of Err!
3rd I see 'Connected to the Tor network' on 'Vidalia Control Panel'->'Status' !!!

Now I can use Tor-Network & Firefox-Torbutton
Even if I click Error-Win that causes 'vidalia.exe'-process terminates, but 'tor.exe'-process continue working!

Regards, Bahman

متاسفانه ورژن در به وقت ایران دوبار به من هشدار داده که شما به شبکه تور وصل نشده اید!Tor Browser Bundle (2.2.32-4)

Install Firefox. Search for Tor folder. Then just click on the "Onion".

Unfortunately, I tried four times but each time I get a tour with a new version of the onion with a red X appears and says you are not connected to the mesh network
I followed a valid link, while the Czech's IP out of the show
But when I connect to the tour is a tour Prnabl browser that you logged the IP network, a tour of the show You threaten my safety or the problem is a tour of the new version?
- anonymous from Iran

A temporary service outage prevents us from determining if your source IP address is a Tor node.

Unfortunately, I tried four times but each time I get a tour with a new version of the onion with a red X appears and says you are not connected to the mesh network
I followed a valid link, while the Czech's IP out of the show
But when I connect to the tour is a tour Prnabl browser that you logged the IP network, a tour of the show You threaten my safety or the problem is a tour of the new version?
- anonymous from Iran

A temporary service outage prevents us from determining if your source IP address is a Tor node.

First, I'm not a member of the Tor Project, so what follows is my own personal advice.

If you want to determine if you are in fact connected to the Tor network, go to If you are connected, it will say at the top of the page "It appears that you are using the Tor network" and will show your IP Address and the name of the Tor server you're connected to.

I was about to let you know that the check site was working again, but with one more test, just to be sure, turns out it isn't. (sigh) I'm using the latest version ( .4 ). I upgraded from previous version ( .3) when I started getting the "You are not using Tor" message this morning. I went through the configuration settings on everything, even checking the extensions/add-ons to see if there was something causing the glitch. I have not re-loaded the extensions from the previous version yet to the .4 version. some things I did notice when going through the configuration settings: 1) Polipo box isn't checked to be used and it won't allow checking it. Still use Polipo with Tor in the new version? 2) Some of the defaults are set to (Dangerous) settings, such as the NoScript "Allow Scripts Globally), etc.
I've now been getting the message "A temporary service outage prevents us from determining if your source IP address is a Tor node." Getting "yes" message spuriously, yet not very often.
Any ideas? I can try to give you more info if it would help.
T'anks in advance!

Hi. Thought I'd let you know that the check sit is working again, but I can't. Failed on one last check. (sigh)
Some history-
Had the .3 version this morning, got the "not using Tor" message, checked the configuration settings on everything including all the extensions/add-ons, upgraded this morning to .4 when I checked the blog, spuriously went between "Yes" and "A temporary service outage prevents us from determining if your source IP address is a Tor node" on .4 version (Note: after getting a "yes" I would hit the New Id button in Vidalia and again do the check site getting the "A temporary service outage..." message again), again checked all configuration settings...
But it's a flaky check site is all?
I also noticed a few other things when checking configuration settings: In the Tor preferences panel, the Polipo box is not checked and it doesn't allow for it to be. In checking the files for the new Tor browser I notice no file for Polipo there and even tried to paste it back and configure it in. Didn't work. Is Polipo not used in the new Aurora browser?
I also found some odd default settings such as NoScript now being set to the (Dangerous) "Allow scripts globally" on the new .4 version. Many things in various configure panels were set oddly in the new .4 version, actually.
One more thing.... yesterday, 9/10, I started having problems with the version .3 of Aurora. The browser froze up (not responding) continuously. Freezing, un-freezing
every few seconds. Just very strange behavior ever since I uped to .3, and then .4.
Sorry for all the notes here, and even still, I'll try to offer more info if you think it might help. LOL
Thanks in advance!

Yes, Polipo has been removed. I can answer that question for you. They removed it because the issue that was having them include it was removed from Firefox/Aurora.

As to the NoScript issue, I also noticed that and was only alerted when I went to one site in Torland that actually does a check to make sure that it is enabled to 'allow no scripts globally' and it told me that issue was present.

The best thing to do with a new version of Tor is to install it in a new directory whenever there is a new version. That is what I personally have taken to doing.

Well, don't panic ! I've told u before u MUST take measures to PREVENT against attacks. Now I'm telling you must prevent against your own failures. Be patient ! Nothing is working fine because you react without thinking. Think again. Or just call me to fix this mess. Good Luck. A.P.

me too I use Mac osx
I've now been getting the message "A temporary service outage prevents us from determining if your source IP address is a Tor node.

anonymous from Syria

We had a temporary problem with's ability to recognize whether a given IP is a Tor exit relay. Should be fixed now. Sorry for the confusion -- it had nothing to do with the new TBB.

ur problem is something related with Third party cookies.

Oooh..... that high port thing was a heck of an oversight. Personally, I thought that the revolving port might have been good for anonymity, but I can understand (after researching the subject) that some firewalls don't light you using high ports for very good reasons.

Perhaps there will be a way to limit the revolving port to something like.... up to port 9500?

Hey, Newbies, is working OK now. If you're in doubt recheck in If you're just websurfing delete troubeled version and install the old one. In the meantime go trough instead of Google or the likes. Check your open ports. Restrict Windows policies. Disable ActiveX. Use Firefox 9 Nightly with establised pipelines. Never IE. Put Firefox to clean everything in its files when exits. Use CCleaner at startup.Sing off wherever you sign in. No use Flash. HttpsEverywhere is OK. Disable JavaScript. Check headers in or alike.Dont download torrent files with Tor coz everyone can see you. You can post questions here.Everybody here is willing to help newbies. We all were newbies once. A.P.

Having read all that, if I am using the Tor bundle and browser, can I forego these precautions? It was my impression that it was already preset to just run correctly from start up


NEWBIES are people starting to use Tor. They just want privacy. They don't need tecnichal knowledge. We must tell them what to do, let them try and then answer their questions. In an organized manner. I propose creating a section in Tor for them.

"The TOR newbies". More simple and instructive. Just a few words to accomplish a task. Not verbous. Simple. Efficient. Relaible. Private.

TOR needs newbies. TOR is structured. TOR doesn't apologize. Is too selfish. We needs newbies to grow. Isn't enough that Tor embraces open source and open whatever open. We must be in the real world of newbies that are now having troubles. We must be in the real world. A.P.

There is a problem in iran again. At the moment(2011/9/12 7:00pm local time in tehran) neither torbrowser not vidalia bundle are able to connect to tor network.I believe tor is blocked by the government again.

not working in iran right now

it hangs in Establishing an encrypted directory connection.

Yes, Iran blocked Tor by SSL protocol fingerprint earlier today.

We have a fix and we're putting out a new Tor version tonight. The fix is for relays and bridges, so once enough of them upgrade, the client version that you have will start working again.

Thanks for your patience! While you're waiting, Tor still works fine from inside Iran if you configure it (in the Vidalia network settings window) to use a socks or https proxy:

Thank you for your advises, but the thing I don't know is " How can I find HTTPS, SOCKS4, or SOCKS5 proxies? " (Open Proxies).

I was wondering when will tor be avaliuble for "Internet Explorer" because there's a hacker that visit's my computer off and on and i'm getting fustrated, I tried many different firewalls but he tends to get around those, do you have a solution.

I'm getting a blue screen when I launch the Tor Browser Bundle. Never did that before, yesterday it worked perfectly... Does someone know what the problem is ?

same problem here! :-(

Same problem here with windows 7 home premium

This problem is happening with me too......Win7 Home Premium x64, HP Pavilion p6620f......PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ALL OF US WITH THIS! It can't be that ALL of us have bad memory (RAM).

I am the person from the above post ......I fixed my issue with the BSOD. It was KIS 2012 (Kaspersky Internet Security 2012). I uninstalled KIS 2012 and now TBB works just fine, no issues! I suppose it has something to do with the security suite's firewall config.....(port issues?)....
I'm running Microfoft Security Essentials now, not a single hitch.

I'm getting bluescreen to. Using Win7 x64 and Kaspersky AV 6.x .
Disable KAV doesn't have any effect.
-> Lauch TOR Browser and BOD...

But this KAV shit is expensive, uninstalling can't be the solution!

It requires a bit of fiddling but there is a work-around solution that seems to be okay until either the Kaspersky and/or TOR developers sort out the bug(s).

1. Pause KIS 2012 then start TOR
2. Open TOR Network Map
3. Once you get Connection and Status starting to fill with information eg. 'Path Empty' and 'New' resume KIS

Have not had a BSOD so far using the above method.

Is cannot stop Kapersky since it is a work computer. What can i do?

a have this problem too =(

no solution yet?

What is BOD? I'm getting blue screen too with Kaspersky.

I also get bluescreen and I use KAV too.
Sometimes when I start tor browser and sometimes when I close it.

Early indications are that Kaspersky has found and fixed their bug. So I hope an upcoming Kaspersky update will resolve these issues.

Hi there
I found something made me suspicious.
In recent days tor is attacked by iranian rejim and block by them as one of the gateways to world.
Today I checked tor successfully using bridges offering by Vidalia (Find Bridges Now button).
It offered me 3 IPs one of them belongs to Iran's Information Technology Company (ITC).
Here are the IPs offered by vidalia:( - is belong to ITC and
Base on Iranian rejim's nature, could be a kind of Man in the Middle Bridge of something?

Hey man , I'm from Iran , I use Tor Browser Bundle (2.2.32-4) but when I visit this website =>

to check my IP , I see these messages :

"You are using Tor, but your browser profile differs from the recommended"

"Recommendation: Use the preconfigured, free and open source Torbrowser default profile in its current version in order to get the maximum browser privacy"

I didn't have this problem with previous versions of Tor browser bundles ( I don't mean Aurora versions , the previous versions of Aurora had this issue too ) but I cannot use the previous versions since monday , I have a question , Isn't Aurora versions of Tor browser bundles pre-configuered and WHY?!

It seems FireFox Aurora browser is not as safe as of other FireFox browsers

The New Version of TOR Doesn't Work in Iran . ( 14 Sep 2011 )
It seems Iranian Government Block Tor Fingerprint please Fix this Amazing Software
We are waiting for it

I have Problem with Tor in Iran !
I download the Last Tor Version Today but it hang in 20 % when it want to Start.


Dear Sir/Madam
Thank you, It's great!, now after you fixed the bug, we can use Tor in iran,I'm grateful to you.
Thanks again.

Now, I'm using your new version of Tor, but there is a problem, when I want to play in youtube, a message "a plugin is needed to display this content, install plugin"
and I downloed and installed tha last version of Flash Player 10... but again this message appears!
Please advise me.

i keep getting "connection refused by peer" combined with "catching signal TERM, exiting cleanly" with actual tor browser bundle. tor won't start then, happens occasionally. any hints/help about that would be appreciated

Which version of which bundle did you install? What operating system? What are you doing that triggers the behavior?

Version is TBB 2.2.32-4, operating system is Ubuntu. I'm doing nothing but using start-tor-browser and occasionaly i get the error messages mentioned above.

Sounds like

We hope to have a fix for it "soon".

Dear Sir,

Using Tor Borwser Bunde for MacOS. The tab for starting a 'new identity' cannot be initiated in Vidalia, is this specific to MAC, as it seemed to work well enough in Windows 7 environment?



Looks like a lot of configuration is done on firefox within the Tor Browser Bundle.
I use only Vidalia and TorButton, I want to know if there is some page that shows all the configurations that this bundles does in Firefox (like configuring firefox to use pipeline) so that I can configure my firefox to be well protected like the one included in the Bundle.


Keep an eye on

As for what the old Torbutton does, see

And finally, for why you will eventually want to switch to Tor Browser Bundle, see

Providing a list of changes to the Firefox configuration settings with each TBB would be helpful, either as a text file or as a PDF. The TBB does currently have README files, but they are not detailed enough regarding Firefox. Things like what setting has been changed (or created), what the default is, what the new setting is, and the purpose and effect of the change would be helpful.

wheres internet explorer thats capable of running on windows7 64bit, my friend recommended me to this site because i had a hacker issue so i'm here, but you do not have an internet explorer download!

We have no plans to support Internet Explorer. It's closed source (which is sufficient reason by itself), but on top of that its plugin model is unusable and its privacy support is inadequate. Every Tor user should stay away from IE.

I get error message when I start this bundle:
Vidalia detected that Tor software exited unexpectedely

Ok, I've kind of looked over this entire thread. But still can't find out why ever since I got the new Tor bundle with "Aurora" I can't access any sites except for normal ones like google/yahoo/ etc. So no more deep web. I have been using tor for a while and ever since this aurora thing came along i can't do a thing with it. What am i doing wrong? Or is there a problem with this new tor bundle that is being worked out? is it still safe to use an older version of Tor bundle? If so where is the archived link for it? Thanks

pls am new here and i need sumevry one here to put me tru wit the working perfectly setting for TBB...i shall be glad if my pc can work with tor browser...u can help send it to my mail needed urgently.

I noticed many Relays are still using older versions of Tor. I encourage all the Relays to upgrade their software to the latest Tor, especially if they are an Exit Relay. The new software is noticeably faster.

kaspersky gives a warning on startup about pdm rootshell, is this normal? thanks.

Out of the blue this error at startup:

"nodelist_assert_ok(): Bug: nodelist.c:397: nodelist_assert_ok: Assertion md->held_by_node == 1 failed; aborting. "

Bundle was running fine for many months before this. Down three days now (Sep 30)

I tried reverting older package as someone suggested but it appears the bug is now in the network; as the problem persists.

tor2.2.33 starts to use the IE proxy settings to invalid , how to set up a successful connection, thank you.

got latest, evidently has aurora... tor vidalia starts fine, aurora never loads up.. ever... i let it sit there for an hour in one attempt, and nada..

using Windwos 7 Ultimate

I have the same problem, often Vidalia starts up fine and I can connect to Tor but Aurora does not open, and I can't figure out how to get it to open...

Does Aurora "call home" automatically every 5 to 6 weeks as stated below?

"According to the Mozilla blog, Aurora will be synchronised with the Nightly Build server every 5-6 weeks, which means it’s significantly less stable at the start of this period than at the end when its changes migrate into the Beta channel"

What else, if anything, is being sent? How can this be blocked? Can the about:config be modified?

The Aurora in TBB is not the Firefox prerelease that also happened to be called Aurora.

See also

Problem Or maybe Not !!?

I load Vidalia ( Version : 2.2.33 working on Mac OS X V. 10.6.8 ) Just fine ( onion turning green ) Status: Connected to Tor network.
Even in the Message Log it confirming the connection.

The PROBLEM : Aurora ( Firefox ) lunch on the home page :

( )

and what i get is : ( Sorry. You are not using Tor ) in RED, and my IP address is :

of course i go and check my IP address through other website and it keeps giving me different IP address !? >>> Meaning that Tor is doing its job !?

Even when i load it opens in Dutch, or German, so am assuming that it is working .... BUT THEN WHY DO I KEEP GETTING THAT MSG ON THE Tor CHECK PAGE !?

We temporarily tried out a new feature that turned out to be a bad idea. Should be fixed now (and was harmless throughout, other than confusing users). See also

To start off, I am a Tor newbie. So go easy on me. I just installed Tor Bundle (w/ Aurora) on my Windows XP PS3 machine. I have few questions that I am hoping someone can answer:

(1) Problem - The Tor button in the menu button does not work to toggle Tor on/off. When I click on it, I just get a drop-down menu to get a new identity, etc. The only way I can toggle Tor on and off is by going to the Vidalia Control Panel. Is this by design or does my Tor Button on the menu has an issue?

(2) Installed on C: drive, it takes 30 seconds to connect to Tor network and another 45 seconds for Aurora to open up. Is this normal? Any way to make it a bit faster? As a baseline, my normal Firefox takes a bit less than 6 seconds to be up and running.

(3) I am using two separate installations: normal Firefox and Aurora with Tor. I would have liked to use just the normal Firefox with the TorButton but could not figure out how to do that. In this case, I did install the TorButton but ran into proxy problems. It seems I need to install something else but not sure what from what's on the website. Plus I got a bit intimidated by the fact that I would need to configure lot of stuff for Tor to run properly going this route. Correct? Any help/suggestion?

Newbie question - I am switching over to Tor/Aurora. Question re: plugins. In Firefox I have used Ghostery, Better Privacy, NoScript, AdBlock Plus, AdBlock Element Hiding, AdBlock Plus Pop-up Addon, TrackmeNot and BrowserProtect for online privacy/safety. Can I run these plugin safely with Aurora in (1) Tor mode (2) in non-Tor mode? I guess the question has two parts - one relating to stability/compatibility and other desirability from privacy/security point of view.

Apparently no one from tor is monitoring this thread. Been a couple months since my last post and still no response. This new aurora thing is a pain. I never had a problem using tor until it came along.

Is there a way to prevent the tor bundle firefox and my system firefox instances to be grouped in the Windows 7 taskbar?

With the old bundle I had a sepparate button for tor bundle firefox on the taskbar but with the update it's now grouped with my system firefox.

Still getting, like many others, numerous blue screens and program stopped working messages.

Running on win7 x67 ultimate.

I'm running this on Linux, and the on/off toggle doesn't seem to work.

Please, someone, look into why so many of us are getting the BSOD crashes with the TBB......ALL of us can't have bad RAM....Windows 7 x64.

What he said!

ditto - Win7 x64

Read the post, several posts up (from me actually), about disabling or getting rid of Kaspersky.....I uninstalled KIS 2012 and have been happy since! I have no earthly why KIS causes TBB to crash, but it does.
I am running Microsoft Security Essentials now (FREE), and am very impressed with it.

Hi I am rather new to TOR the main question I have is that gives me 3 ORANGE labels
HTTP Session medium
Signature medium
Browser Window medium

I am using (Windows Services)
SQUID with Roundrobin to (Privoxy to Polipo to TOR Chains)
with DNS going through TOR as well
Firefox Portable > Squid HTTP 3128
Squid Version 2.7.STABLE2 > Privoxy HTTP 8118
Privoxy Version 3.0.17 > Polipo 8123
Polipo Version Unknown > SOCKS 4a to TOR on port different from 9050

All works very well! and speed is acceptable with this configuration and the IP changes occur frequently but I dont understand the Signature shown it never shows TOR even when I run a Tor Bundle
Any suggestions

Hi I am rather new to TOR the main question I have is that gives me 3 ORANGE labels
HTTP Session medium
Signature medium
Browser Window medium

I am using (Windows Services)
SQUID with Roundrobin to (Privoxy to Polipo to TOR Chains)
with DNS going through TOR as well
Firefox Portable > Squid HTTP 3128
Squid Version 2.7.STABLE2 > Privoxy HTTP 8118
Privoxy Version 3.0.17 > Polipo 8123
Polipo Version Unknown > SOCKS 4a to TOR on port different from 9050

All works very well! and speed is acceptable with this configuration and the IP changes occur frequently but I dont understand the Signature shown it never shows TOR even when I run a Tor Bundle
Any suggestions

Hi I am rather new to TOR in I get 3 orange
HTTP Session Medium
Signature Medium
Browser Window Medium

My main concern is why the Signature isnt ok
Is this normal or have I configured something wrong
Any suggestions on what I should look for...

Hi I have a puzzle for you. I have installed the latest Tor browser suite on a memory card and installed it also on a flash drive. The memory card suite always stalls on 'loading relays' and vidalia says 'not responding'. The other suite works without problems. They are not used at the same time. Each has its own permission to access the internet through the firewall. Each has been re-installed several times but the performance is as before. How can I get the memory card version to work?

i am running windows 7 and 4 out of 5 times that i try to start the application it goes to the "blue screen of death" telling me that there is an error and that my computer has to shut down to prevent damage. but every once in a while it will connect just fine. I had tor on my old laptop and ran vista and never encounterd this problem once, but now it seems to always happen ive un-installed and re-installed a few times but keep getting the same results. suggestions please

hi i'm new to tor and was wondering how to fix a problem, vidalia will connect tor the tor network fine but aurora wont start or it will but it wont connect to any sites can somone please help?

Hi, I'm having a minor problem with the newest versions of TAILS. In ver. 0.09 I had no trouble finding new bridges, but in ver. 0.10 and 0.10.1 when I go into settings/network and click Find Bridges I get Connection Refused and I have to enter bridges manually.
Any suggestions?

Also noticed that javascript was enabled by default.

Hi, I use windows vista and I've recently started using the torbrowserbundle.
I had downloaded it on Febr 15th 2012 and it worked fine at first, but for some reason all of a sudden it doesn't work properly anymore.
When I start it up, it says it has connected to Tor and even shows that "green onion" icon, but the browser doesn't get launched automatically anymore.
Then when I check at "" it says I'm not using Tor..
Everything seems to be configured fine though..
When I try to launch the torbrowser manually, by going to the firefoxportable section in the browserbundle and clicking on "tbb-firefox", it opens the browser for about a split second and then it crashes rightaway.
So, I've tried deleting the whole bundle and downloading it anew, but the problem persists..

Could anyone help me out please? Thanks!

I have the same problem.. all identical... I'm on Vista too.. it worked fine in the first day, now Tor connects but the browser is not opening and when I try to do it manually it crashes..

Same problem but on a Mac, at first i thought it was just me and maybe i did something wrong but now i guess there is some sort of bug making it crash right when i try to open Aurora my Vidalia control panel shows a green onion connected!

Ive never been able to use the tor bundle. always,.... always crashes ( not responding) when I double click the "start tor bundle. exe" Ive been on tor through anonymox with firefox. That stopped working for the last 3 days so I went back to trying to get the bundle working. Never worked and still doesn't. Turned off everything, still crashes. Had to find an understandable answer. I know im not the only one.

You're not the only one. In my case I had the ZoneAlarm Toolbar not allowing me to connect. When I started Tor, and Vidalia loaded, ZA "Browser Security" toolbar would crash with an error report. I then went into Windows running services list (Start>Run> services.msc ) and disabled the toolbar to get Tor working. It's under the, let me see now, "ZoneAlarm LTD Toolbar IswSvc" listing. Once I got that disabled I could use Tor software bundle again. I had it working before, but had to do a complete system re-install for another, unrelated problem and the clean install of Windows, ZA, and Tor, it wouldn't work until I fixed it. I thought that was strange, but maybe ZA changed something.

Anyway, I should note that I don't need friggin ZA toolbar to secure my browser, others might, so it's up to you how you proceed.

Hey guys. If you want to configure your java and flash to show your tor ip instead of leaking your real ip address, here is how you do it. And btw thanks for this awesome project. I hope its helpful.

hi man...
i am a new tor user. i want to watch movies using tor but the sites i visit always require flash player and because the tor button does not allow to run flash player i cannot watch movies. can you please suggest some ways by which i can get tor to unblock flash player...i would be really great full.

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