New Tor Browser Packages with Tor 0.2.3 upgrade

After a year of testing, new tor browser bundles which include the new stable branch of Tor are now available. A full changelog is available for every operating system.

The Tor 0.2.3.x stable branch represents over a year of work on improvements to the core Tor technology behind Tor Browser.

Tor Browser is available for download at

Software updates included in this release are:

Tor Browser Bundle (2.3.25-1)

  • Update Tor to
  • Update Firefox 10.0.11esr
  • Update Vidalia to 0.2.21
  • Update NoScript to 2.6.2

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Not Found

The requested URL /dist/vidalia-bundles/vidalia-bundle- was not found on this server.

Please continue releasing vidalia bundles for windows.
I'm not a complete n00b, and if I mess up my system+vidalia settings - I will blame myself and nobody else.

thanks from a user of TorBrowser-2.3.25-1-osx-x86_64-en-US from china :)

vidalia-bundle- is where?????????
vidalia-bundle- is where?????????
vidalia-bundle- is where?????????
vidalia-bundle- is where?????????

vidalia-bundle- is here

libssp-0.dll is missing installs fine but Tor doesn't run as libssp-0.dll is missing. Copy DLLs from tor-browser, and it will run. Thank you!

Where is the Vidalia Bundle? Don't even think about dropping it!

Why is the "vidalia-bundle-" not available for download?
Tried to extract and replace the relay build into my current installation "" ... didn't work.

Where is the Vidalia Bundle?

Expert bundle tor- ibssp-0.dll is missing error on run.

When will tor browser bundle update FF to ESR 17?

Not trying to be negative, but I don't see any performance improvement in TBB 2.3.25-1.

We've got more capacity in the network, which lets more users experience the same performance you're experiencing. You won't see dramatic improvements in latency until we do something drastic like throttle all users:

It's more than just capacity in the network. Tor's policy towards Relays is incoherent. It fails to recognize the different levels of legal risk an Exit Relay takes by the different types of traffic it allows to exit. The Tor Project wants to treat all traffic as equal. While a noble desire, it fails to recognize the reality of that Exit Relays operate in. How many times have people commented they ran an Exit Relay for all or most types of traffic only to become eventually burned either by legal action or websites blocking their IP address? When the Tor Project recognizes the different risks Exit Relays take according to different traffic types, then the Tor network will see additional improvements in performance.

I like where you're going with this, but on the face of it your statement is false. It's not just about recognizing it. Rather, your statement should be "when Tor recognizes the different risks and then does X, things will get better." Did you have an X in mind?

People who are new to Tor and want to setup a Relay shouldn't have to engage in guess work as to what to do. Clearly, Tor needs more Exit Relays. This should be made clear to new Relay operators. The Tor Project has 2 choices, in my opinion: 1. By default enable the Relay to be an Exit Relay with the traffic chosen to be the least likely to cause the Relay operator difficulties (ie, legal problems and/or IP address banishment); or 2. Inform the Relay operator upfront of the chances of problems according to the different types of traffic allowed. The current policy of simply letting the new Relay operator just guess what's appropriate is a poor one.


"Rather, your statement should be 'when Tor recognizes the different risks and then does X, things will get better.' Did you have an X in mind?"

Apparently you are of the opinion the Tor Project exists for your own benefit. No, I don't have an X in mind.

Keep the good work, thanks.

tor.exe: libssp-0.dll was not found.

Where is the Vidalia Bundle? For several days now you refuse to approve this comment. You also don't say anything about if you dropped the Vidalia Bundle or what happened. That's really weak.

I use McAfee.
When I check the logs of events that the programme has blocked I see many instances being reported of “suspicious incoming network connection blocked”. In all cases the IPs have been Tor servers!!!
Since my connections are all supposed to be routed via Tor, why is this happening? Are the individual servers trying to find out my real IP. Are they able to?
Unless I am completely misunderstanding how Tor works, this seems to be a security flaw and I would appreciate an urgent response from someone working on Tor itself.
Thank you

Did you click "share" in Vidalia, turning yourself into a relay? If so, then your Tor will be trying to do reachability tests on itself, which sounds like the connections you describe.

My next thought is that your Windows anti-virus software is mistaken about what it's seeing.

The new (current) version of the Tor Browser Bundle (2.3.25-1) does not work for me. It launches Vidalia which tries to launch FF but "ttb-firefox.exe has encountered an error" and crashes to the debugger / error report popup. Then Vidalia crashes the same way.

This is on Windows XP. I thought there would be a new version much sooner or I would have reported this earlier.

I've been running earlier versions of torbrowserbundle. The last working version was tor-browser-2.2.39-5_en-US which I'm still using.

Why dont you use Firefox 17.0.1esr ?

I have installed the latest version of TBB on a USB flash drive. I keep getting this error before the browser starts.

"A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete.

Script: file:///E:/Onion/Tor%20Browser/FirefoxPortable/Data/profile/extensions/%7Be0204bd5-9d31-402b-a99d-a6aa8ffebdca%7D/components/torbutton-logger.js:144"

Is this a known bug ?

Hi Torproject!

Please update geoip file:

# Last updated based on May 1 2012


You're in luck: we've got an update in git now.

It took a while because Maxmind basically started intentionally degrading their geoip db:

Shouldn't the numerous questions about the Vidalia bundle be addressed?

Yes. Can you help?

I agree. I think the plain Vidalia bundle has been dropped altogether based on this blog post from more than a year ago: However why they remain silent about this and don't make a public announcement beats me.

este programa es una mierda solo funciono una sola vez y luego no conecto mas aparece esto

Vidalia detected that the Tor software exited unexpectedly.
Please check the message log for recent warning or error messages.

e incluso me sale con el vidalia firefoxportable

esto es una estupidez no hay otra forma de entrar a la DW

I have this same problem!

Since the TB-Win Package / Tor 0.2.3 upgrade, when I visit web sites, that include Flash-SWF, the TB asks me, what to do with the SWF file (open with, save or cancel). My config has not changed, former versions didn't have this problem. Flash is not installed. Same behavior with and without Javascript. Anybody else the same? Any ideas or solutions?

Yea I really hope you can run .swf in the future

Hello Guys,

I'm runing a TOR relais, and I'm using the TOR-Browser-Bundle, AND I'm angry about it! Why does Firefox always change my corrections about cache settings? Every time I switch off the cache completely, it will be ON after restart. Hey, that's shit³!

I am curious about something I notice in the Message Log after starting the TBB and also when I use TAILS. Some times after connecting to Tor, I go to the Vidalia Control Panel, click on Message Log and in the basic tab it sometimes says The Tor Software Is Running and other times there is a second message under that that states something like Your Connected To The Tor Network.

But many times there is only the first message and not the second one. Also, under the advanced tab, nothing in showing like any error or info messages. Why does this happen and it is it a bug in the software? Of security concern perhaps? This has happened with all tor versions I have used over the years. I am using the current TBB as of 25 December 2012. Thanks

Trying to download the new tor version, but seems to be blocked by my ISP. I can ping, and a tracert gets to the target, but I can't browse it.

Oh windstream, how I loathe thee.

How do I use Tor through any browser now, exactly?

I can't get the latest 2.3.25-5 bundle to work on any of my compouters. I had to go back to 2.3.25-2 to get them to work. When it comes up it doesn't go to the check tor page nor will it go to any other page.

Is there a setting I need to change or is it not downloading properly?


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