Tor Browser Bundle 1.2.10 Released

On November 20, we released an updated Tor Browser Bundle, version 1.2.10, which includes:

  • updated Vidalia to 0.2.6
  • updated Pidgin to 2.6.3
  • updated Tor to
  • updated Firefox to 3.0.15
  • updated OpenSSL to 0.9.8l
  • updated libevent to 1.4.13

You can download the updated version at

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thanx guys 4 updating the tbb bundle. Tor Rocks!


Did I read that those two protocols are now suppoprted in pidgen, and hence this TBB? So voip over Tor is possible? I thought it was not possiple...

The SIP and streaming audio RTP in most VoIP normally uses UDP which is not carried over the Tor network. Tor supports only TCP.

(can we please change to a mathematical question CAPTCHA, i mostly cannot read the tiny obfuscated letters)

Excellent! Been looking forward to this for quite some time.

Dear TOR team,
thanks for your great work and the update of the tb bundle.
Happy regards of the pc masters team

We are waiting for information about updates..

Thank you for your information

I don't want to run TOR, as I find it a pain in the inferior parte dorsum. So I uninstalled the Vidalia Bundle (twice!!!), and the darn thing still keeps popping up!

I run Windows 7 and Firefox 3.5.5.

Perhaps you didn't uninstall it correctly,

Sorry, I'm a complete noob, hope someone will help me with this question anyway. If I plan to use Pidgin through Tor, do I need to do something about torsocks. I tried to read this:
but I don't know. Is it already included in the TBB? What does it do (if someone could explain it to me in the most simple way...)?

pidgin is included in the tor-im-browser bundle and defaults to using Tor.

Thank you for your answer! Then I guess as long as my tor works I don't have to do anything special with Pidgin to make it work. I probably don't even need to know what torsocks is. Thank you very much!

Can YOU protect us from Virgin Media/Detica Deep Packet Interception? and are you already doing so ?

given that Virgin Media are now in bed with Detica

"November 27, 2009 by Paladine
Filed under: News
So yesterday I spent the entire day working on this problem of Virgin Media announcing that they are commencing with a trial of Detica’s Deep Packet Inspection product called CView.

Basically, CView will look at the ISP dataflows, detect when p2p technology is being used and then look at the contents of the packets and check them against a database given to them by the RIAA to find out if the data is infringing on copyright.

I am not going to get into any of the political or legal stuff in this blog post – I did all that yesterday in preparing the press release issued by Privacy International; I just wanted to take a few moments to try and inspire direct action.

Over the past 24 hours I have read a lot of the comments people are posting around the web on this issue and everyone seems to be saying “We will just switch to encryption” and whereas I think that is a good idea and endorse it (this web site has been served over SSL since it was launched), I think more needs to be done.
given many Virgin media users are now on 20/Mbit down , 50Mbit down , and several on the new trials of 50Mbit down , 10Mbit UPload rates it seems that a direct Encrypted tunnel from sime Virgin Media users PC Lans to a selection of dedicated server side web and other servers around the world would be a very good thing to use for Anti Deep Packet interception IF YOU were to be able to protect us from that DPI kit actually looking at and inderstanding and decompiling the packets.

if a secure TOR tunnel could be used then many TOR users could potentially benefit from this mass of new VM users upload pipes coming on line, for lots of other TOR and related purposes....

SO can You protect the UKs Massive Virgin Media cable userbase traffic being effectively inspected even though OC we cant stop them actually interecpting them
or any secure generic easy to install and use overlay tunnel for all your traffic to then flow through....

In a word, yes. Tor wraps everything with tls/ssl. At most deep packet inspection will see is you're using ssl. If using ssl isn't illegal, then you should be all set.

Defeating deep packet inspection, aka spying on the wire, is one of the original reasons Tor was created.

The documentation says not to use Firefox at the same time as the Portable Firefox in the bundle, so as to avoid confusion. Is this possibility of user confusion the only reason, or can the two Firefoxes interfere with each other's configuration?

The latest tor browser bundles shouldn't conflict with other firefoxes, as we force a separation in running processes.

When will a torbutton be available that is compatible with Firefox 3.6 I am running Windows 7 and use The current Firefox 3.6 Beta 4.

Thanks for all your hard work on Tor. web security is key and the tor network makes it easy.

We're just catching up to firefox 3.5 codebase, not sure anyone has even looked at 3.6 yet.

First thanks for tall the great work you do. I've never had a problem until now:

So I just downloaded and installed the newest version of Tor Browser Bundle Tor version 1.2.10. When I try to extract the file I get the following mressage:

7-Zip: Diagnostic Messages
"can not open output file Tor Browser\Firefox\extensions\{e0204bd5-9d31-402b-a99d-a6aa8ffebdca}\compon"

There are a total of 61 lines, all appear to read the same except the very last word which changes to "defaul" or "chrome" instead of "compon"
It appears as everything is extracted as normal but when I try to run Tor I just get an empty Firefox window without the Tor "Congratulations" page.

I also just installed Windows XP service pack 3. Not sure if this has anything to do with it.

Same poster from above:

I also tried extracting with Winrar and got pretty much the same:

"tor-browser-1.2.10_en-US.exe: Cannot open Tor Browser\FirefoxPortable\App\Firefox\extensions\{e0204bd5-9d31-402b-a99d-a6aa8ffebdca}\components\certDialogsOverride.js"

It goes on for about 60 lines.

OP here. I just solved the problem.

I hate this. I have the same problem years later, I find someone with the same problem, and all they say is, "Never mind. I solved it." I didn't!

Open a ticket at, you can even do it anonymously via the cypherpunks/writecode user/pword. I don't know what the problem is, unless it's permissions.

1) Does tor browser bundle contain privoxy or polipo or none? Because ideally it should contain everything that is contained in latest tor installation ( So it should contain polipo. But using tor browser bundle, sometimes there are errors like "503 forwarding failure (privoxy....)". That means browser bundle is still using privoxy. Also the torbutton preferences has "use privoxy" ticked. Is something wrong somewhere?

2) How do i check whether polipo/privoxy is being used by the "browser bundle" ?

The tor browser bundle contains polipo. It has always contained polipo. All bundles include polipo as of release.

There are exit nodes that sometimes run privoxy as a normal caching proxy to filter something.

You can check by looking at your task manager and see polipo.exe running.

After starting tor bundle & firefox successfully establishing a circuit, I checked in task manager, there is no entry of polipo.exe ??

did you not check polipo during the install?

It did not ask for polipo (or anything else) during install! It just EXTRACTED the contents to specified directory.

1) I downloaded this:
2) Then i clicked it, it extracted things. Then i clicked on 'start tor browser.exe' (i am using vista)
3) Then i started task manager and saw no entry of polipo.

I can see all the images on h**p:// (except last one ofcourse because i did not download IM version).
Also, i have privoxy installed (from earlier version) and i think the 'browser bundle' is using that installed privoxy instead of polipo.

Can we please please please have this for Mac?

Hi, I downloaded Tor Browser Bundle 1.2.10 and manually update firefox to the latest version. Does it matter? Thanks for your hard work

Well, maybe. torbutton 1.2.3 is the first version that properly supports firefox 3.5.x codebase. Previous versions leaked data in various ways with FF 3.5.x. That's why 3.0.x is included in tor browser bundles.

Now that torbutton 1.2.3 is out, we're working on updating to ff 3.5.x in tbb.

How to make tor work with thunderbird 3.0? Thank you

email clients leak lots of information, even when used through proxies. If someone wants to write a torbutton for thunderbird, that would help a lot.

Thanks for your reply. I installed foxyproxy and noticed it has an option of "Tor Wizard"

phobos: would you please answer the previous unanswered question posted:

"On December 12th, 2009 Anonymous said:

It did not ask for polipo (or anything else) during install! It just EXTRACTED the contents to specified directory"

I think you downloaded tor browser bundle, which is a 7zip file and is designed as portable application

Not sure if I'm right......

correct, its supposed to be portable only. But it is also supposed to run POLIPO when clicking 'start tor browser' which it doesn't...

my own tor browser bundle doesn't run POLIPO either, nor does my previous versions.

actually, previous versions automatically run pidgin and this new version doesn't

Overall this version has been very good in my experience. It is the most apparently stable and consistent that I have yet used. Performance also seems to be improved. Yes, I realize that it is impossible to distinguish from the user side performance improvements resulting from changes to the client from those resulting from network enhancements, but there was a very palpable improvement as soon as I began using the new bundle. Having written that, I must ask if there have been any issues reported with the Message Log function as of this version? It seems as if I get a different level of detail (or possibly truncation of reported events at a different point) every time I fire up Tor. Settings are "error", "warning", "notice" on; "info" and "debug" off, which to my best recall are unchanged through several previous version installations. This is asked mostly out of curiosity - this is not a tremendously important issue to me, although I did previously like seeing when my torrc exit node directives were _not_ honored.


I appreciate your work.

I cannot find any information regarding UPDATING Firefox.

It downloads 3.0.16 but then when I re-start, it says proxy refusing connections.

And what about updating add-ons?

I can't seem to find an FAQ or forum for such basic questions as these- specifically about the browser bundle.

Is it possible to use the 'Adblock-plus' addon in browser bundle? Would this compromise anything?

You're welcome to install whatever plugins/extensions you like.

Hello phobos,

Did you see my post just above regarding updating Firefox?

I finally managed to update to 3.0.16 and would like to be sure this is okay- that it won't compromise the security and anonymity of the bundle.

Likewise, with updating add-ons, including Torbutton (Firefox tells me a newer version is availabale)

I realize you are probably quite busy but these seem like very basic questions that many others have and this info. really needs to be stated clearly somewhere.

Thank you again.

is this what you want? "Well, maybe. torbutton 1.2.3 is the first version that properly supports firefox 3.5.x codebase. Previous versions leaked data in various ways with FF 3.5.x. That's why 3.0.x is included in tor browser bundles.

Now that torbutton 1.2.3 is out, we're working on updating to ff 3.5.x in tbb.

TLS error: unexpected close while renegotiating (SSL_ST_OK) on Mac OS since Security Update 2010-001.

tor is the best free browser,it makes me comfortable and reliable.but right now it was blocked since u people should try and revive it back 4 the common man in streat GOD BLESS U PEOPLE IN JESUS NAME AMEN.

I must have missed it in all of the documentation that I have read, but how do you uninstall the Tor Browser Bundle?

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