Tor Browser Bundle for Mac OS X

Tor Browser Bundle for Mac OS X is now available for the i386 architecture in 11 languages. Snow Leopard users: please read about the known bugs at the bottom of the post.

The Tor Browser Bundle lets you use Tor without needing to install any software. It can run off a USB flash drive, comes with a pre-configured web browser and is self-contained.

You can download it from the Tor Browser page which also has instructions about how to extract and use it.

The bundle comes with the following software:

This is a beta version which has primarily been tested on an i386 Leopard machine.

Early testers on Snow Leopard report that Firefox does not launch the first time they launch the Tor Browser Bundle app. The workaround for this is currently to stop Tor with Vidalia and then restart it. They also say that the Torbutton status bar on the bottom of the Firefox window does not show up, but Torbutton functions properly. Please give us feedback and file bugs.

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For some reason, when I load it on to a usb, it quickly quits after launching or trying to connect with Tor. The onion icon appears and then quickly disappears before anything happens. Using Snow Leopard, but the warning above doesn't indicate that that's what happens, so perhaps its something else?

Same. Runs fine on my regular disk, but not on a usb drive.

When I use Firefox and Tor is on and Torbutton is enabled and I want to download a file, say .rar file, and I redirect download with FlashGot add-on to SpeedDownload manager - is this download goes via TOR and is really anonymous? Or only "save as" via Firefox downloader is anonymous?

Or another way - is there a right way to use SpeedDownload manager via TOR fully anonymously for ISP too.

Could anybody PLEASE respond to my question: I tried to setup TOR on my MacOSx Snow Leopard for hours and I could not manage. It was so easy on a Windows PC. All the bundles provided here don't even contain all the software. Everytime I set Vidalia up I get the message "Could not connect to TOR". I changed the path - did not work. Polipo does not work either. It is all a big mess !
Could anybody please provide detailed instructions how to set TOR up on my MAC? The Docs on this website are of no great help to be honest.

What are you trying to setup? It sounds like you need to remove all the tor, vidalia, polipo software and start over because your config is in some unknown state.

that's probably right. i did it a few times. removed everything, tried to install it again. never worked. the install bundle for mac does not even contain tor nor polipo just vidalia. i find it all very confusing and don't understand why cause running it on a windows pc needs a two minutes setup. by the way - could not install it under openSUSE too. So probably i'm just a total computer fool.

Not sure what I did differently, other than print out and follow the install instructions to the letter on my Mac Mini running Mac OSX 10.6.8, but I was using TOR and verifying annonymous surfing right away. I followed the instructions here:
And here, using the stable version:

Worked without a hitch.
Good luck!

To get it working in OSX, you have to make sure your USB stick is named something without spaces, like, for instance, 'Tor.'

I found this after some messing around as my original 'NO NAME' USB stick was resulting in a no-launch scenario.

but how can i make it work without using a usb stick?

Says i have an update to 3.6.11 should i or wait for you to put out update here?

There is no torbutton on 1.0.1. nor 1.0.2. Should i install it manually?

Torbutton is installed and working, but because of some Firefox bizarreness, it doesn't look like it's installed.

Please see my comments here:
And here:

The short version is that the weirdness is fixed and won't appear in the 1.0.4 version, though it is still present in the 1.0.3 version.

I can confirm that the tor browser bundle for OSX does not start Firefox at first invocation on a x86 Mac with OSX10.6.5
At second invocation, it works.

I'm on a MacBook running OSX 10.6.6. I've have been using Vidalia regularly for the past few months with no problems, but past few weeks Tor seems to be running really really slow. I been getting 404s and all that crap, taking sevreal minutes to load a page (probably not a problem on my end - I dunno) but I noticed when I look at the network map no locations of the servers are displayed, the map shows no lines, no country flags appear and it seems I been getting the same two or three servers that pop up all the time. I used to get dozens. Anyway I decided to reinstall/update Tor. I removed every piece of Tor per the instructions on the page, then downloaded the latest stable release and installed it - simple drag and drop. Well now Tor will not open. It pops up and says it detected and "unexpected quit" and check the log for the problem. Well nothing comes up in the log - it's completely blank. I again deleted every bit of Tor from my system (per the instructions) thinking there must be some setting that's a problem. Reinstalled the same version again - it won't start up. I even tried installing the unstable version - same problem. What the hell is going on?

I'm on an Intel Mac, I recently installed the latest Tor Bundle stable release, but after starting Vidalia it says "Vidalia was unable to start Tor. Check your settings to ensure the correct name and location of your Tor executable is specified." Under settings where it says "Start the Tor software when Vidalia starts" it just says "tor" and there is no directory listed. Where did the bundle install Tor and how do I link to it?

I'm also on an Intel Mac, running OSX 10.6.4, and after deleting the, it will not let me empty the Trash. It just states that the app is busy.

It worked the very first time I tried it. The second time, however, it gave me an unexpected error and would crash every time afterwords. It is completely uninstalled and sitting in my trash can. I just can't empty my trash!

sounds like you have some part of tor still running. If you go into activity monitor, you can look for processes like tor and firefox that may still be running in the background.


thank you very much

My Tor Browser worked the first time I ran it. I liked it and moved it to the Applications folder, changed the name of the file to "Tor Browser". Since then it stopped working. I thought there was a technical reason for it not working but after lots of fiddling I had no success. Then I changed the name of the application to "TorBrowser" so it had no spaces, like the original file and, voila, it works again!

(Running Intel Mac, OSX 10.5.8) refuses to run at all if I rename it to "TorBrowser". It's the usual "space inside filename" problem.

I am using the latest Torbrowser bundle for intelMac from a usb. The Noscript "Temprary allow all this page" & "Revoke tempoary permissions" buttons do not work, that is the page is not refreshed. I tried the normal Vidalia Bundle for intelmac using the main hard drive and I am encountering the same problem. To enable javascript I have to disable Noscript first! The OS is 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard). Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I installed the 32-bit version on my eMac (only machine not on the internal network ;) ) os10.5.8 and it won't launch at all: Onion shows, bounces, then disappears. When I tried to launch from within the bundle, I got the warning that the application won't run on this architecture.

this is NOT working on a ppc-based g5 running os 10.5 - i had the same problem as stated above (wouldn't start, inside package i saw it didn't work on this architecture). boo.

I've got a G4 ibook. I downloaded the latest Vidalia package, with a clean install of Firefox 3.6. The Vidalia turns green and days TOR is connected, but when I try to install the TORbutton, I get the message this is not a "valid" install. I also do not see Polipo in the download file-any ideas as to what is wrong?

mac user here. so tor works when i launch it from my applications... but if I try to open firefox/aurora or vidalia from my dock, nothing works. I get the bouncing, a brief page open, and then it closes or freezes or both. It won't connect me to the network, either. why's it launching properly from one but not the other?

TOR button will not install on my G4 ibook/10.4 and Firefox 3.6. Polipo doesn't seem to be in the latest powerpc Vidalia download, either. Vidalis turns green and says it is connected, but the check shows it is not protected. is anyone running TOR on a G4 iBook? Is it possible, or should I just give up?

For TOR to be useable by average people on a Mac you're going to have to revise the way it is downloaded and installed and relative help. I spent four hours trying to figure this out but still can't get it to work. Finally got it running with an included browser only to have it crash and the be left with no clue on how to reopen the browser window without restarting. Too many techies busy with this app and not updating FAQ and Instructions, leaving the general public at a loss and worse, potentially vulnerable when they believe they are protected. TOR should work out of the box without complicated install/uninstall procedures. I highly discourage anyone without expert skills from using this until it is properly fixed for simple users. Now I am left with Tor bit and pieces scattered about my OS conflicting with each other. Reminds me of Windows. Start by removing all irrelevant instructions and FAQ, like 'Install Tor button' only to discover it has been removed from the Firefox add-on site, thus confusing everyone.

I really need some help, ive been trying to install Tor &Vidalia on my computer for a solid hour now and i dont understand some of ths stuff but i understand a good half of it. I got it set up so that under the general setting where the box labeled "start the Tor software when Vidalia starts' is checked and the app it uses to open it is "start-tor-browser' but now whenever i click start tor it says right after clicking it, "Vidalia detected that the Tor software exited unexpectedly.
Please check the message log for recent warning or error messages" but then i check the message log and its completelly blank. can anyone help?

Mac user here. Just downloaded the tor browser bundle for mac (am using OS 10.6). The download and extract were successful (straight to my hard disk) and the icon appears ready for launch but the application won't start when i try to open it. help?

Mac browser bundle won't open on OS 10.5.8 either. Click on "TorBrowser_en-US", the icon appears in the Dock, bounces once, and shuts down. I was running the TorBrowser just fine before. I saw a message saying there was a security update so I downloaded it and replaced my old TorBrowser. Now I have nothing. Why won't someone help us Mac people? (And don't say "get a PC" That's unhelpful and insulting.)

yes, this is exactly what happened/is happening to me. I can't help you, but you're not the only one.

I have the same problem. Mac users always get helped last.

I'm having the same problem. Replaced my hard drive, had Tor working like a charm before, and now, after having to reinstall it, nothing happens. Running 10.5.8 on a 2007 Macbook Pro

Same here. Looking at the bug lists it seems there are earlier versions of Tor Browser which fine with OSX 10.5.8. I'm not sure where to download such a version.

Having exactly the same problem in 10.7.3.

i have the same problem. it did run fine for month, ut after the last update - onion shows and disappears quickly inside the dock on 10.5.8. can nobody help?

this is the error i got from the crash log:

Mrz 08 15:27:29.343 [Warnung] Failed to parse/validate config: Unknown option '__OwningControllerProcess'. Failing.

Not able to open Tor Bundle on OS X 10.5.8.

I'm getting the same thing o Mac OS 10.5.8 with the Mac TOR bundle

"Mac browser bundle won't open on OS 10.5.8 either. Click on "TorBrowser_en-US", the icon appears in the Dock, bounces once, and shuts down."

same with me. working with mac OS 10.5.8, could not open/install the tor browser bundle, the just won't work because of the error -10810. tried to look up that error, but didn't find a solution. it would be nice to get some help. will try to get a newer OS now, perhaps that will work.

Same here, TorBrowser_en-US bundle does not launch from my Applications folder, nor USB, running mac 10.5.8. Please help...

Same problem: On OS X 10.5.8, the TorBrowser_en-US bundle extracted from will not run.

same here. I get the onion icon, and then a message about architecture not being compatible.

When I tried to launch from within the bundle, I got the warning that the application won't run on this architecture.

The icon appears ready for launch but the application won't start when i try to open it. Im on a Mac

Same problem. On OS X 10.5.8 it looks like it is starting but then disappears. Help!

Same same, macbook os x 10.5.8
Seems like we have to keep looking for a solution.

Downloaded and extracted and nothing no error msg.
can't even fnd the file on my oc, what's going on

Do the folks at tour even read these comments? Is there an alternative for mac that actually works?

I have a mac,and tor quits unexpectedly the second I start to browse,then the icon disappears.Just the viola remains.

Would someone from TOR Project, PLEASE HELP APPLE USERS!!! I am using 10.6.8. Downloaded bundle, clicked to start, onion turns green, TORBROWSER comes up and then unexpectedly quits... Every time for the past hour !

I'm getting same thing on 10.6.8.
I just got new update today (everything was working great before),
and now it unexpectedly quits on most sites.
Does not quit on every site (as I am now posting this here and running Tor).
Any ideas?

The Tor Browser keeps on crashing on a MAC 10.6.8 i can't visit a site for more than 1 minutes before it crashes and have to restart.

Eventually i gave up as it was occurring too often.

Hello Tor:
I am a social justice advocate using Mac OSX 10.6.8, was recently DoS'd after speaking out publicly at Occupy, and I'd really like to be able to use Tor. But I'm having same problems as the folks above: bouncing green onion says I'm connected, but then crashing... only works (sometimes and not for long) from my applications folder, not directly from the dock... green TorBrowser planet icon hasn't worked from the dock yet at all). If you don't have a solution yet, maybe let us know an estimated time frame? Otherwise uninstall and find other privacy solutions seems like a good choice for me...

Im on a mac (10.7.3) and the for browser keeps on crashing when i visit a site for not even a minute. I don't know what causes this but it is really annoying. Please fix it!

I installed TOR on my intel Mac and it worked fine right after installation. The Tor Browser worked perfectly, although I was disappointed that I could not use TOR directly through Firefox, where all my bookmarks are.

However, after shutting my machine down Tor refused to launch when I fired it back up. The message I got was "Vidalia was unable to start Tor. Check your settings to ensure the correct name and location of your Tor executable is specified."

Even after I located the browser program and selected the correct path, and hit the start Tor button Tor would not launch. It looks like it tried to launch but then immediately shut down again. I am very disappointed, how can you put something out there that has these kinds of bugs?

I see many other comments pointing to the same problem, but no really useful suggestions as to how to get around it.


MacBook Pro running OS X 10.5.8.
Downloaded 32-bit Mac bundle.
Renamed bundle (taking out spaces in file name).
Moved bundle to Applications folder.
Ran bundle - Vidalia opens, then Tor browser. All o.k. Browser works. Tor button looks o.k. https everywhere looks o.k.
Locked vidalia & tor icons to the dock and quit both app's

Restart from tor browser icon in dock but it will not work - nothing happens (on screen). Restart of vidalia from icon dock and it opens but will not connect to the network.

However - when I run tor directly from the file in the Applications folder Vodalia opens and successfully connects to tor. Then, after a short delay (5-10 secs) the tor browser opens successfully too.

So far it runs o.k. No spontaneous shutdown or failure. Just can't open from he dock. A small price to pay for Tor's benefits. I hope this helps someone out there...

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