Tor Project is looking for a Communications Director!

The Tor Project is looking for a Communications Director!

This senior level position will report directly to the Executive Director and will be part of the organization's leadership team. The Communications Director will set and guide the strategy for all communications and public relations messages to consistently articulate the Tor Project's mission. This job includes working closely with this diverse, international community of people who make Tor and related software products. This is a hands-on position for a highly skilled communications professional.

This is a full-time position. The Tor Project’s main office is in Seattle, and we’d be delighted to supply a desk for the Communications Director there, however, this job can be done remotely. Knowledge of media and press contacts within the United States is essential.

The job description, including instructions on how to apply, can be viewed here:

If you know someone who would be awesome at this job, please direct them to the job posting!

Erin Wyatt
HR Manager

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What about Kate Krauss? Where is she?

Kate is still with us, but she will be leaving in March.

so i was wondering what was going to happen to Orweb for orbot. is someone else going to keep up the development or are you guys going to throw it away entirly?

Orfox replaces Orweb. Orweb is a bug-ridden mess that was lousily coded together. Orfox is made by the same project but is a closer fork of the original Firefox Mobile and Tor Browser code-base. I don't see any reason existing for using Orweb over Orfox.

When I read this post I hoped that a Communications director was going to finally carry the task of expanding the translation for the Tor Browser. Democratize security and privacy on internet through Tor cannot, in no way, be achieved without a consistent work on translation. The call for contribution on the site leads to Transifex, where many translation projects have already been done. It seems to last for about 3 years. So, one could reasonably ask when versions of Tor will be available to at least a dozen of languages.

Translation for Tor Browser is indeed an important item to work on, but also as you say it is different from a communications director.

Translation for Tor Browser is in scope for the applications team:

And speaking of versions of Tor available in at least a dozen languages, you can find 16 languages here:

oh ok kool. any suggestions for lighter alternative because my phone is a moto e 2nd gen with 800mb RAM(wich is apparently low...). and orfox is timing out and crashing constantly. lightning browser also keeps kicking me out of incognito mode and i cant find a trusted multi tab browser -although i sometimes use duckduckgo app but only 1 tab cuz its a quick search- that works properly

will he/she plan to be in contact with dev team who are not working for Torproject like dev mac or dev grc or dns operators ?

Will Communications Director and Executive Director be based in same US city? (Seattle?) This could have enormous advantages for planning strategy, but is also a potential danger as the situation for US NGOs becomes increasingly perilous.

As a project, suggest reaching out to staffers for members of Congress who are members of the Privacy Coalition.

should it be possible to add like an pop-up or alarm saying:
- cookies enable
- https not enabled
- javascript enable

sometimes i forgot i did few hours before ... these pop-up will be a nice reminder/improvement for distrait/tired person like me.

i do not know where posting this request : sorry for the inconvenience.

I think that would result in a lot of pop-ups leading to pop-up fatigue which is not a good idea. I think your best bet is getting used to use the security slider Tor Browser ships. Regarding the place to post this idea. The tor-talk mailing list would be a good venue for discussing ideas. If you have a particular feature request to implement our bug tracker at would be a good place.

are torproject torbrowser users subjected to mozilla company legal/terms etc? for an example, could torproject torbrowser be compromised indirectly and perhaps unknowingly by a legal process on mozilla company? thanks

We just take the code and add our own patches to it. We are not bound to any legal orders reaching Mozilla.

hardened tor work on linux suse 64 bit ,but can not start on solaris 11.3
Where is possible ground ?
in Solaris for equal downloading

tar -xvJf ...tor*

J -unknown function modifier

Solaris not support tar.xz ?

Exist version of otr in tar.gz

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