The carnival of data retention expands

by phobos | November 7, 2008

We've already asked about how to handle the forthcoming data retention directive in Germany.

A few more governments are either heading down that path, or already there:

I suspect we'll see proposals for this in the USA soon enough.


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November 09, 2008


If there are any engineers out there the noobs would really appreciate a download package more easier than rpm. or tar. can you all do an installation package for ubuntu users as a DEB. packaged it installs quickly and efficiently and also somebody do something about the Privoxy another confusing item please!!!!!

An example:

You go to download the deb. package. Its installed. Now it SHOULD include TOGETHER privoxy with this. Next you go to terminal in Ubuntu and type: sudo tor project it uploads for you instantly and runs in the background for your safety. Thats it. The instructions of finding how to install this in Ubuntu is very difficult for a noob. PLEASE find an engineer to fix this problem.



Actually, a package called tor should be just Tor, no privoxy. Some people may want to run Tor without privoxy. The package should be what it says: just Tor.

If there was a metapackage called "tor-and-privoxy" or "tor-bundle", which depended on the tor package, privoxy, and whatever else, that would be appropriate. If you type apt-get install tor, you shouldn't get privoxy with that.

Anyway, compiling Tor from source isn't that hard. It doesn't have a ridiculous amount of dependencies like KDE, which really is annoying to install from source. If you're going to ever have to install anything from source, Tor is a good thing to start with, since it is very simple.

And whether you use a package or install from source, you still need to configure your browser and other internet programs to use Tor.

December 15, 2008


Buy rack space in 1-3 offshore, no-treaty data havens for Tor users. Could offer to exchange ads on your site for the space.

Use them whatever way technically beats such outrageous spy moves.

Think of power blocs. Asia isn't fully suckered into the IMF West. The Middle East is still partly independent, though losing ground. And there are many little islands all over, and Costa Rica.