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We're Hiring a Shadow Simulation Developer

by steph | October 21, 2019

We are seeking an experienced programmer to help us develop cutting-edge network simulation / emulation software. This person will be responsible for the implementation, documentation, and testing of software to support research into privacy-enhancing technologies.

Strength in Numbers: Community Is Key

by isabela | November 21, 2018

This is my first blog post as the Tor Project’s Executive Director. I can’t express how excited I am for this next journey. I have been a Tor user and advocate since its early days, in the Vidalia times. Tor has come a long way, always evolving to provide a holistic solution for anonymity, security and privacy online.

Strength in Numbers: An Onion Blooms

by ssteele | November 15, 2018

Today I step down from the role of Executive Director of the Tor Project. I joined the organization three years ago, and I've had the privilege of being part of this special community as it has grown from its teenage years to full adulthood. I am so proud of all that we have accomplished in my short tenure.


by ssteele | July 27, 2016

Seven weeks ago, I published a blog post saying that Jacob Appelbaum had left the Tor Project,...