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Honoring Translators

by emmapeel | September 27, 2019

To celebrate International Translation Day 30 September, the Tor Project would like to acknowledge all of the dedicated volunteer translators that contribute to the Tor Project on a daily basis. You help us make our software relevant for people who need it around the world. Thank you.

Help Us Translate Our New Support Portal

by ggus | July 31, 2018

We are in the final stages of finalizing our new support portal, just one portal of many new sites to come in our website redesign. In order to finish it, we need to translate it from English into more languages. At the very least, we want to translate it to Farsi, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese, German, Korean, Turkish, Italian, Arabic, French, and Spanish. If you are knowledgeable about another language not listed here, we'd be grateful for your help as well.