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V3 onion services usage

by ggus | September 21, 2021

With the deprecation of V2 onion services right around the corner, it is a good time to talk about V3 onion services. This post will discuss the most important privacy improvements provided by V3 onion services as well as their limitations. Aware of those limitations, our research group at the Institute of Network and Security at JKU Linz conducted an experiment that extracts information about how V3 onion services are being used from the Tor network.

Collecting, Aggregating, and Presenting Data from The Tor Network

by irl | April 11, 2019

Tor Metrics consists of several services that work together to collect, aggregate, and present data from the Tor network and related services. We're always looking for ways to improve, and we recently completed a project, the main points of which are included in this post, to document our pipeline and identify areas that could benefit from modernization.