Tor Browser 6.0a4 is released

A new alpha Tor Browser release is available for download in the 6.0a4 distribution directory and on the alpha download page.

This release updates firefox to 38.7.1. Mozilla decided to disable the Graphite library in this release and we are taking the same action: irrespective of the security slider settings the Graphite library won't be used for rendering fonts in Tor Browser 6.0a4. The Graphite font rendering library was already disabled for users on the security level "High" or "Medium-High".

The full changelog since 6.0a3 is:

Tor Browser 6.0a4 -- March 18 2016

  • All Platforms
    • Update Firefox to 38.7.1esr
    • Update Torbutton to
      • Bug 18557: Exempt Graphite from the Security Slider
    • Bug 18536: Make Mosaddegh and MaBishomarim available on port 80 and 443

March 20, 2016



Google Translate:
I hope you develop the TOR router MAC address cloning feature to achieve better anonymity.


March 21, 2016