We are upgrading our blog!

In the next few days we will be in the process of upgrading blog.torproject.org. While we get prepared to refurbish the space, the current blog will be frozen for new content, starting now. This includes posts and comments and, if everything goes as planned, it should only last a few days.

Thanks in advance for your patience. See you on the other side.


May 25, 2017


Why are some up to date TBB connecting to[1] when in reality it has changed to (longclaw) Is there any harm? Is this Tor connecting to a fake Tor network?

[1] does not exist anymore in the Tor network.


May 25, 2017


Nice work :-) !

When will the blog posts on and be released? :-)

how does one go about downloading files using the TBB? With Tails it's easy but in the TBB it pops up with a warning and that's no good.

You should read that warning and the proceed if you feel that's okay (there is even a checkbox that shows this warning only once). You should then have the same experience as with Tails.

Sounds great, cannot wait to see the new Tor Blog!

Hi, I wanted to ask a question. I installed Tor Browser on my Windows 10 computer but every time I check the option "use hardware acceleration" in options. my Tor stops working. it won't open again. and says that there's a problem. close Tor browser. I have to install It again. why that happens?

That's because there is a hard to fix bug in our cross-compile setup which makes Tor Browser crash if that option is enabled and particular graphic card models are used, see: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/9145

It's OK
but please not more of this floating extensive
informationhiding surface/design.

i was browsing through old blog posts and on page 41, now refreshed that page and can't find where i was anymore because the page counts have changed. is there a formula to convert the /?page=x number to the new layout?

Hello guys, please consider adding Veracrypt & Wine to Tails Os so we can use them on the live version of Tails.. Thank you.

Is there a onion address available for blog.torproject.org? onion.torproject.org does not list one.

Not at present.

You should keep an eye on https://bugs.torproject.org/22397 for progress.

Too bright, not space-efficient and inconsistent with the rest of the site. Old one was better.

Unable to add new comment without previewing (or there is no confirmation) without JavaScript.

And with JavaScript disabled, the site gets stuck in a reloading loop after adding a new comment.

don't like new blog! the white background is terrible for my eyes. please change it

No forum. Its good as is!

Would you please think of people with dyslexia.
Gray text on white has maybe a fashionable look but is very very hard for reading, well in the direction of quite impossible.
But not as imposibble as white letters on black canvas indeed.
Please make the font darker.

Can you help me? As I try to install Tor in version 16.04 of Ubuntu and I have an error message

Sounds like you'll be best helped in irc or on the tor.stackexchange.com page.


please add the ability for users to remove their own posts

Terrible Design which mad man or woman did create it?
It is literally painful to look at it in a darker room let alone night time and it is so unintuitive.


Visually this is a disaster. It's just so WHITE. And all this blank space? I mean, guys, don't fix what ain't broken or hire a designer.

Comments do work on tor


Is there a TOR forum ?

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